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Stainless steel transfer wood grain board or stainless steel film coated board?

by:Topson     2022-04-30

First, the difference between stainless steel transfer wood grain board and stainless steel laminate board

There is not much difference between the two on the surface, and the effect can be basically achieved on the laminated board. At this point, the two lists are basically the same. But from the effect of texture realism, the transfer printing plate is much lower than the stainless steel coated plate, the effect of the transfer grain is not real, not clear, and the surface of the stainless steel coated plate, the steel plate is covered with a layer of PVC film, this film Textures are realistic, with bright colors, and a bumpy feel. At this point, most customers will like to use steel plate lamination material for decoration. This is the basic knowledge material. Let's take a look at the process, which is also very different, one is through who's transfer technology and one is through high temperature adhesive technology, back to cheaper in terms of transfer costs. But in the long run, the price/performance ratio of stainless steel diaphragm plates is still very high. This is why customers ultimately choose laminates.

Second, it is the advantage of distinguishing the two through the scene

Why do we distinguish according to the scene. Due to the different number of scenes, the popularity between the two can be known. At present, we know that the stainless steel diaphragm and the most scenes are: kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and these general customers will make more exports, and they are all taking the high-end route. There are curtain walls, usually in high-end places, such as large shopping malls, clubs, hotels, hospitals, etc. And the time to flip this article will be less, enough to explain. The breakout board is the low end line. So we finally have to feel the application of the material and measure the difference between the materials according to the decorative field of the material.

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