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stainless steel\'s kitchen fingerprint not going anywhere

by:Topson     2020-06-18
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When interior designer Elizabeth Pash sets out to renovate her kitchen in Manhattan, one thing she must know is that she wants the space to include a variety of materials: wood for cabinets, crushed marble for countertops, stainless steel for electrical appliances.
Pash also uses stainless steel for other design elements: her custom range hood is made of matte stainless steel, decorated with polished stainless steel and fitted with retractable stainless steel
Steel \"garage\" hiding small appliances with stainless steel trio\"
Steel cabinet above.
As she said, \"there seems to be a lot of trends in kitchen design, but stainless steel has played a long role in the kitchen and I think it will be here in the next few years.
In some ways, stainless steel is easier to clean and maintain than cabinets and marble countertops, Pash said.
Stainless steel is not only classic, it also makes the kitchen look more professional;
It conveys a serious, intense atmosphere and projects a feeling that real cooking takes place there (
It won\'t even in some cases).
In general, stainless steel is easy to maintain.
There will be no debris, fading or stains.
But do not confuse its durability because of its indestructible;
Stainless steel can scratch and dent, so far the owner\'s biggest complaint is that there are fingerprints on the surface.
Joel Chesebro, head of the demonstration chef
Zero, Wolf and Bay, father of three children, very clear what toddler claws can do with stainless steelsteel surfaces.
He and his wife, Jenny, admitted that \"wiping those little fingerprints has fallen at the bottom of our task list\" over the past few years, but because stainless steel is very clean, he believes, this is still the best option for any environment that is most important to clean.
Unlike other surfaces that cover up dirt, stainless steel is shown when it needs to be cleaned, he said.
The best way to prevent fingerprint display is to use wax-
Base spray for handling stainless steel. At the 8,500-square-foot stainless-steel-covered Sub-
In the Zero and Wolf showrooms in New York, the staff use Zep stainless steel Poland, where the appliances need to look the brightest and best.
While they use it once a week, it would be nice for most homeowners to use it once or twice a month depending on the use of the kitchen.
No matter which brand you use, wear gloves when applying nail polish.
Spray a light mist on stainless steel
Surface of steel, but do not spray water;
If you soak the surface, it will become too greasy.
Wait a minute or two after spraying and wipe with clean lintfree cloth (
The best effect of micro-fiber cloth).
Make sure you wipe in the direction of the steel grain.
The spray restores the original gloss of the material and leaves a thin layer of wax to prevent fingerprints and stains.
If fingerprints do appear, they are easily erased.
Whatever you do, do not use a cleaner with bleach after you put on the wax layer;
It will lose luster on the surface.
And no oil-
Based on the cleaning staff, or;
They will attract lint.
Grinding cleaners such as soft scrub or Scotch whisky-
The Brite pad may scratch the surface.
The only time you may want to use a grinding pad if an accidental scratch occurs is.
If this happens, spray some polish on the scratch and rub it gently with steel wool or Scotch whisky --Brite pad.
Again, make sure you always rub with grain until the scratch is no longer visible.
Spray more polish on scratches if necessary;
Wax will help to fill fine lines.
The worst thing that can happen with stainless steel is dents. (
I have two refrigerator doors. )
Dents are hard to fix unless you can be at the back of stainless steel
Steel layer, knock the dent off.
This is not an option in my case.
I need to order a new stainless steel
Steel front, it\'s an expensive-
Pure aestheticendeavour.
For the time being, I will look at the dents affectionately;
They were five of me a long time ago-year-old (now 18-year-old)son.
Chesebro will understand.
Now that his kids are all big, he says the stainless steel in the kitchen is easier to keep as it is, as the chef likes, but his dad misses those little stains. —
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