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Stainless steel processing rose gold plating is currently the most plated color

by:Topson     2022-10-08

Gold and rose gold have become the current popular colors. In the electroplating industry, stainless steel processing rose gold plating is also the most plated color in the decorative film layer of the current product. The high temperature in the vacuum furnace causes the k-gold target to deposit and adhere to the surface of the object to form a film, so that the appearance of the object becomes k-gold.

Vacuum rose gold plating needs to be carried out in accordance with the material and in a good plating environment, such as in a dry air environment, and we must also ensure that the material is not zinc alloy, iron alloy, aluminum alloy and copper. These metals are susceptible to corrosion, the surface is not dense and there are many small pores, and impurities are difficult to clean, so the rose gold film cannot be directly plated on the surface. Basically, small products made of stainless steel can enter the furnace for stainless steel processing and electroplating, and large objects need to be electroplated outside the furnace.

Among them, the products with more contact with vacuum rose gold plating are jewelry vacuum plating, and also include other small stainless steel processing objects, such as stainless steel clocks, stainless steel belts, stainless steel buttons, stainless steel electronic accessories and so on. Vacuum plating is simple and direct, and the green and environmentally friendly process is gradually being accepted by people.

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