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Stainless steel elevator decorative panels have to be carefully selected

by:Topson     2022-10-25
The durability of stainless steel elevator decorative panels directly affects our daily elevator safety and service life, so we cannot but choose carefully. Let's first look at the comparison of stainless steel checkered plates, etc. and stainless steel elevator decorative plates. The stainless steel elevator etched decorative plate and the color stainless steel elevator car roof decorative plate are not color coated steel plates, and there is no coating on the surface and no toxicity. It forms a transparent etched oxide film on the surface of silver-white stainless steel, and forms different colors through the interference of the oxide film on light, which is durable and non-fading after etching. The small elevator reflects the taste of the building, and different decorative effects also bring people different feelings. Traveling through the elevators with different effects, you can also feel a different artistic atmosphere.

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