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Stainless steel decorative color plate makes the design work more colorful

by:Topson     2022-04-02

1. Classification of stainless steel decorative panels

1 Stainless steel decorative color panels. The brushed plate (LH) texture is like long and straight hair. Its surface resembles a wire-like texture, which is a stainless steel processing technique. The finish is matte and carefully textured on top, but can't be felt. It is more wear-resistant than the average stainless steel bright finish and looks more advanced. The brushed board has a variety of textures, which can be processed into snowflake sand texture (NO4) and texture (chaos texture), cross texture, etc. All textures are oil polished as required. After the surface is brushed, electroplating and coloring are carried out.

2. The zirconium beads used for the sandblasting plate are processed on the surface of the stainless steel by mechanical equipment, so that the surface of the plate presents a fine bead-like sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. It is then electroplated and colored.

3. According to the process requirements, various processes such as polishing line, coating, etching, sandblasting, etc. are concentrated on the surface of the same plate for combined process processing. It is then electroplated and colored.

4. The sand pattern and pattern plate and pattern (chaotic pattern) plate of the stainless steel decorative color plate are composed of a circle of sand patterns in the distance, and there are irregular chaotic patterns nearby, which are irregularly formed by the grinding head. vibration. After completion, plating and coloring are carried out. Whether patterned or brushed, it is one of the matte boards, but these boards have different surface conditions and therefore different statements.

2. Grinding of stainless steel decorative color plate mirror panel: The surface roughness of polished stainless steel is 10 microns, and the detailed description is as follows:

1. For rough grinding, use a 600 abrasive belt in Grind the workpiece on three surfaces. The purpose of this process is to remove the surface left by the strip and bumps from the previous process. There are basically no large scratches and bumps on horizontal and vertical surfaces. The surface roughness of the workpiece after processing should reach R0.8mm. When polishing, pay attention to the inclination angle of the belt conveyor and the pressure of the belt conveyor on the workpiece. In general, it is more appropriate to use a parabola as a straight line!

2. According to the previous reciprocating grinding method, use 800_ abrasive belt for semi-finishing to grind the three sides of the workpiece, mainly for correcting the gap in the previous process, and for further fine grinding Traces from rough grinding. The marks left by the previous process should be polished repeatedly so that the surface of the workpiece is scratch-free and basically bright. The surface roughness of this process should reach R0.4mm. (Be careful not to create new scratches and scuffs during this process, as these defects cannot be repaired in the subsequent process.)

3. Fine grinding, aiming for 1000, the goal of this process is Basically eliminates the seam between the ground and unground parts of the workpiece and brightens the surface of the workpiece. The workpiece ground through this process should be basically close to the mirror effect, and the surface roughness of the workpiece should reach R0.1mm.

Generally, brushed and mirrored panels are widely used in general tools and home decoration, and there are no fancy decorative surfaces, which makes people look clean and comfortable. Decorative panels on other surfaces will be used unless a prominent position is required in a special setting.

Three, installation and construction steps

1. Installation of keel skeleton: The installation process of the basic keel skeleton can refer to the construction process of wooden keel or light steel keel. And repeat the inspection of verticality and flatness;

2. Fixed bottom plate: The bottom plate is generally made of plywood with a thickness of 5-12mm. The construction method and requirements are the same as those of ordinary wooden cover, but when the keel is light steel keel or angle steel keel, please drill holes on the keel first. , Use self-tapping screws to fix the bottom plate on the keel, and the screw head cannot be higher than the bottom plate surface.

3. Fixed panel: Before installation, the stainless steel decorative color plate decorative panel must be made into finished shape according to the design size and shape requirements. When there is a bottom plate, smear on the bottom plate and the back of the stainless steel respectively, and then gently paste the prepared stainless steel plate on the bottom plate; if there is no bottom plate, fix the pretreated stainless steel plate on the light steel keel with stainless steel screws , or directly welded to the keel.

4. Edge trimming: edge trimming, filling with sealant, pressing stainless steel grooves at the interface between stainless steel or at the inner and outer corners are used for edge trimming and decoration.

5. Wipe the surface of the stainless steel decorative color plate with a soft dry cloth and tear off the protective film.

Stainless steel has a metallic finish, a rich variety of colors and patterns, and a rounded appearance. Widely used in decoration and decoration, can be used for various stainless steel doors, elevators, cabinets, hotel KTV decoration, etc. Stainless steel decoration can maintain the original decorative effect for a long time. And with a mirror effect, you can get the effect of interacting with various colors and scenery in the surrounding environment. Also, since the polished stainless steel trim has strong light reflecting properties, it can also form a bright part, which helps to form the center of attention or attention in the space environment.

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