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Stainless steel decorative color plate leads the new trend

by:Topson     2022-04-10

In our daily life, marble is widely used in luxury doors, dining cabinets, walkway boards, background walls, bathrooms and other architectural decorations because of its natural patterns, beautiful and wear-resistant, excellent texture and high-end temperament. And other fields, deeply loved by consumers.

However, the density distribution of natural marble varies, the hardness is high but the toughness is insufficient, and it is easy to crack under force; some natural stones contain radiation. Even if artificial stone overcomes the above defects to a certain extent, making it a qualitative leap in practical decoration and design aesthetics, but the artificial stone market is mixed, the quality of the plate and the processing technology are uneven, and it is not easy for consumers to choose.

The birth of marbled stainless steel plate perfectly combines all the advantages of marble and integrates the advantages of stainless steel, and the acceptance and favorability of consumers are rapidly increasing.

From the point of view of the advantages of marbled stainless steel plate, it not only inherits the elegant, luxurious and glamorous artistic conception of marble, but also has environmental protection and no radiation; wear-resistant and easy to clean; It has the advantages of wide selection and other advantages; at the same time, its unique metal texture also brings a strong impact on the traditional decoration concept.

Wood has been the main building decoration material in China since ancient times. The wood veneer gives people a special and beautiful look and feel, which is unmatched by other decorative materials. Therefore, wood has always maintained an important position in construction engineering, especially in the field of decoration. However, the slow growth of forest trees and the fact that China is one of the countries with poor forest resources, this has become increasingly contradictory to China's rapid economic development, which requires a large amount of wood.

This contradiction between resource demand and lack of resources has greatly promoted the development of stainless steel wood grain decorative panels. Stainless steel wood grain decorative panels completely inherit the beauty of wooden building and decorative materials, and also have some advantages that wooden materials cannot match. Stainless steel wood grain decorative board is moisture-proof, fire-proof and insect-proof, corrosion-resistant and durable, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-impact, anti-pressure, anti-scratch, environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free. From the point of view of recycling, stainless steel is durable and recyclable, and it is a very worthy material in today's sharp shortage of resources.

From the point of view of production process, the production process of 'electrophoresis' and 'printing' are mostly used in the relatively high-grade stainless steel wood grain decorative boards. The 'printing' technology is now relatively popular, and the advantages of the 'electrophoresis' technology are also very obvious.

At present, although China's stainless steel wood grain decorative board has outstanding advantages and has a certain market recognition, its market share in the field of traditional decorative building materials needs to be improved, but 'real gold is not afraid of fire.' 'Good steel is not afraid of grindingRevolutionary, he will lead new trends.

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