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Stainless steel color plate does not necessarily rust

by:Topson     2022-09-24

Stainless steel color plate is a product that is not easy to be corroded. Unless it is some serious situation, it is not impossible to achieve corrosion in any product. If our stainless steel plate is corroded, it may affect its normal use. So in order to avoid this situation, we need to take some preventive measures. Let's first understand the factors that cause the stainless steel color plate to be corroded?

1) Electrochemical corrosion

The stainless steel plate is scratched due to contact with carbon steel parts, and then forms a galvanic cell with the corrosive medium, which will cause electrochemical corrosion. If the passivation effect of pickling is not good, the passivation film on the surface of the plate will be uneven or too thin, so it is easy to produce electrochemical corrosion, and rust substances such as slag cutting and splashing will adhere to the plate, and then form with the corrosive medium. Primary battery, causing electrochemical corrosion. The pickling and passivation cleaning is not clean, resulting in the chemical corrosion products of the residual pickling passivation residue and the plate, and then forming electrochemical corrosion with the plate.

chemical corrosion

Under certain conditions, many oils, dusts or acids, alkalis, salts, etc. attached to the surface of the stainless steel plate are converted into corrosive media, and some components undergo chemical reactions on the plate, causing chemical corrosion and rusting. The cleaning and pickling passivation is not clean enough, resulting in the retention of residual liquid, which directly corrodes the plate. Scratches appear on the surface of the sheet, which leads to the destruction of the passivation film, which reduces the protective ability of the sheet, and is easy to react with chemical media, causing chemical corrosion and rusting.

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