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Stainless Steel Checker Plate and Stainless Steel Color Plate

by:Topson     2022-09-10

What is the difference between stainless steel checkered plate and stainless steel color plate? What is the difference between their processes?

The stainless steel pattern plate is chemically corroded from the exterior of the stainless steel. Rust-steel patterned panels are very hygienic and suitable for any product that needs cleaning, such as food surfaces or hospitals. With 8K mirror panel, wire drawing board, sandblasting board as the bottom plate, the etching treatment is carried out, and then the deep processing outside the object is carried out. The consequences of light and shade, a gem of color.

Stainless steel checker plate has the following characteristics:

1. The corrosion resistance of metal refers to the phenomenon that the metal is damaged by the chemical and electrochemical action of the surrounding medium, and the process is mainly an electrochemical process.

2. Oxidation resistance Due to the high chromium content of the stainless steel decorative plate, there is 'rust', and it is not easy to oxidize in the air.

Color steel plate refers to color-coated steel plate. Color-coated steel plate is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. Color steel plate is an environmentally friendly material, which can be recycled and has the characteristics of high anti-corrosion and high strength. It can be widely used in airports, railway stations, stadiums, etc.

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