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Stainless steel cabinet countertops need to be designed in accordance with three aspects

by:Topson     2022-05-07

With the improvement of consumption levels, various cabinet brands have appeared in the eyes of consumers. The main cabinet brands are booming, and they have launched stainless steel cabinet products, making consumers shine. Stainless steel cabinets are not only beautifully designed, but also practical. Kitchen countertops are often used, and the comfortable design can better reflect the care of customers, which is also the standard for high-quality cabinets. Therefore, the design of stainless steel cabinet countertops should be based on the following aspects. Let me introduce you to Tautini cabinets.

1. The height determines the height that the work surface should reach.

As for the height of stainless steel cabinet countertops, cabinet experts have summarized and formulated a set of standards, but in fact there is no fixed standard. You can experience it according to your height, and then decide the cabinet’s high. At this time, please consider who is the person who frequently uses countertops at home. The height of the table is three to two centimeters, and the use experience is much worse.

2. The vegetable washing area is usually higher than the cooking area.

Set the vegetable washing area higher so that you don’t need to wash the dishes with the cat’s waist, especially if The elderly like to cook by themselves, so the waist of the elderly will not become sore and neither will their legs. It doesn't hurt anymore. On the contrary, the cooking area is lower, so you don't need to hold your arms tightly when cooking, which saves a lot of trouble. According to the built-in stove, the height of the stove itself is 2-4 cm, and the operating level will be raised. If you calculate the height of the pot, it may rise by 10 cm. Then you have to hold your arms to cook, so if you want to be armed, relax and lower the height of the stove.

3. Pay attention to the depth of the sink

Because the water depth of two to three centimeters affects the use experience, the depth of the sink must be considered when designing the stainless steel cabinet countertops, and not too much difference . If the kitchen space is limited and high and low countertops cannot be achieved, can the countertop design below make up for a certain gap? It is also good to choose an above counter basin and raise the sink.

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