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Stainless steel cabinet countertops and stone countertops are more suitable for your kitchen.

by:Topson     2022-05-07

The decoration of the kitchen is generally equipped with cabinets, which can not only be used for placing dishes and chopsticks, but also convenient for daily cooking. The selection of cabinet countertops is something that many families pay attention to. Common cabinet countertops are marble, stainless steel, etc., and their decoration effects are relatively good. So is it better to use stone or stainless steel for cabinet countertops? What is the appropriate size of the cabinet? For this problem, let's take a closer look.
1. Economical and environmentally friendly artificial stone cabinet countertops

1. Artificial stone cabinet countertops: divided into three types: resin board, composite acrylic board, and pure acrylic board. Resin board refers to a board that does not contain acrylic components, composite acrylic refers to a board with an acrylic content of 10% to 30%, and a pure acrylic refers to a board with an acrylic content of more than 30%. The higher the acrylic content, the more gentle the hand feel, which is closer to the plastic. On the contrary, the hand feels more and more severely cold, getting closer to the stone.
2. Strengths: Artificial stone combines beauty and usefulness. It has a rich pattern, together with abrasion resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance, and penetration resistance. Using common bonding and polishing skills, artificial stone countertops can be seamlessly spliced, there are no pores on the surface, and there is no place for dirt and bacteria. It is also non-radiative and easier to finish. It is an ideal substitute for natural marble.
3. Defects: The naturalness is obviously lacking, the texture is relatively fake, the price is higher, and the anti-scalding ability is not strong. Objects that are too hot will appear to fade when placed on top, and the hardness is not good, and scratches are more likely to occur.
Second, antibacterial stainless steel cabinet countertops

1. Advantages of stainless steel cabinet countertops: high hardness, High temperature resistance, long service life, very beautiful metal color, and excellent visual effect when equipped with black door panels. According to the different surface treatment processes, it can be divided into three types: embossing, wire drawing, and mirror. The stainless steel countertop has a solid texture, is easy to clean, and has a three-dimensional integral function. In all the raw materials, the stainless steel has antibacterial function.
2. Defects: The visual sense is hard, giving people a cold feeling, and the corners and joints of the cabinet countertops are the same, lacking reasonable and useful treatment methods. Once the countertop is scratched by a sharp tool, it will leave irreparable marks. Dirty things are simply hidden in these fine scratches. At present, most of the domestic stainless steel countertops simply show oxidation, which is far apart from imported similar products. The price of imported products is higher.
3. Natural texture and natural stone cabinet countertops
1. Advantages: Natural stone has been tempered by wind and rain, and has the beautiful texture and solid texture of natural generation. The natural stone is made into countertops, and the kitchen is undoubtedly built into A strong but beautiful castle. Natural stone mainly includes granite and marble, which have relatively high density and high temperature resistance; the anti-scratch function is very outstanding, the wear resistance function is good, and the cost is relatively low. It is attributed to an economical cabinet countertop material.
2. Defects: ①There is a limitation of length, even if two pieces are spliced u200bu200btogether, they cannot be seamless; ②It simply shows a break, with a firm texture and lack of elasticity. If it encounters a heavy blow or a sharp change in temperature, it will appear that the crack is difficult to repair; ③ In daily cleaning, some residues will inevitably be permanently filled into the cracks following the scrubbing of the rag, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria; ④Natural stone is more or less radioactive, which may cause damage to human health. ; ⑤ And natural stone should be maintained regularly, which is more troublesome.
Four. Quartz stone cabinet countertops with long lifespan

1. Strengths: Now the popular and popular countertops abroad are quartz stone, which looks beautiful and generous. , Good gloss. It has no radiation risk and feels smooth and cold to the touch. Quartz stone cabinet countertops are made of super hard environmentally friendly composite quartz materials, which will not leave any traces when directly scratched with a knife. It has excellent functions such as super wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-toxicity. Because quartz stone countertops have almost no pores, there is no need to worry about oil soaking. You only need to scrub with water every day. The service life of quartz stone countertops is as long as decades, and the maintenance period can be extended to 2-3 years.
2. Defects: The color can be selected in general, the defect is that there are seams in the conjoined body, and the price is high.
How much is the cabinet size appropriate?
1. In the cabinet planning, the height should be moderate and not too high or too low. The standard height of the cabinets on the floor between the cabinets should be 70 cm ~ 80 cm. This height is appropriate. The cabinet design can reduce the degree of waist bending of cooks, and effectively relieve fatigue. It is suitable for owners with a height of 1.55 meters to 1.75 meters. In addition, the height of the stovetop should be about 70 cm above the ground. The editor thinks that the stovetop is planned to be embedded in the cabinet countertop when the cabinet is planned, so that it will not raise the height of the stovetop and the ground, which is beautiful and beautiful. .
2. The scale of the wall cabinet in the cabinet planning should also be reasonable at the time of planning. The height of the wall cabinet scale is generally 50 cm ~ 60 cm, the depth is 30 cm ~ 45 cm, and the width of the cabinet interval It should not be larger than 70 cm. When planning the wall cabinet above the console, it is advisable to prevent the owner from meeting his head during operation. The distance between the wall cabinet and the console should be more than 55 cm.

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