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Stainless Pipe Cutting

by:Topson     2020-08-21
The metal tube provides the scalability and durability required for many heavy duty applications.Like any manufacturing material, the metal will be corroded and eventually invalidated.Therefore, stainless steel is often used as a basic part by manufacturers.Stainless steel provides the durability and corrosion resistance required for heavy duty applications.Pipes made of this unique tough material require special cutting and finishing techniques.Stainless steel pipes have many lengths and widths.These measurements vary from application to application, and different cutting tools are required for pipes of different sizes.Large stainless steel pipes with a diameter of more than a few inches require the use of rail tube saws.These pipe saws hold the pipe firmly in place while the power saw cuts outside the pipe.This machine provides the power and stability needed to cut larger pipes, but it is not cut properly and even damages smaller pipes.Protective glasses and heavy duty gloves must be used when cutting large stainless steel pipes.Smaller stainless steel pipes or tubes have the same strength and durability as larger components, but require less force when cutting.For stainless steel pipes of smaller size, you can use a hand-held stainless steel pipe cutter with a diameter usually less than a few inches.The equipment locks the place of the block pipe, while the first handDrive the blade to cut around the edge of the pipe.Although it is suitable for smaller diameter pipes, this tool cannot adapt to larger industrial pipe sizes.Heavy duty gloves must be used when operating a handheld stainless steel pipe cutter.As an alternative to pipe cutters, cut stainless steel pipes using cutting wheels and right-angle cutting rails on multi-purpose rotary tools.This type of tool is particularly useful in a narrow space where it is difficult for standard tubing cutters to grip and rotate with their hands.Simply cutting the stainless steel pipe does not create a perfect, even edge.After completing the initial cut, the edge must be completed using the grinder.Stone wheels will help to remove burrs generated during the cutting process and help to create finished edge for pipe fittings.The stone surface is ground at the cutting end of the pipe to remove large defects and prepare for fine processing.Once the grinding phase is over, a short cleaning with a wire wheel will clear any debris left during the grinding process.Once the end of the pipe has removed the rough edge with a stone wheel, it needs another layer of finishing.Heavy sanding machine-Duty sandpaper eliminates the smaller defects left out by the stone wheel coarse particles.The sanding process creates smoother, straighter edges that help with the installation process.You can also use a rotating tool with the tip of the sanding attachment.However, the process of grinding and polishing the edges leaves debris.Cleaning with a wire wheel can remove any debris left during the sanding process and leave a straight, clean pipe edge suitable for installation.
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