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Share the applicable places for colored stainless steel sheets for you

by:Topson     2022-08-31

In daily life, we often feel that engineering buildings made of colored stainless steel sheets are not common, so in this article, Foshan Xiao Craftsman will tell you where the colored stainless steel sheets are generally suitable for.

Architectural decoration: such as stainless steel skirtings, stainless steel background walls, large curtain walls, column edging, etc., which are generally reflected by patterns and colors. Representative products include stainless steel etched plates, stainless steel three-dimensional embossed plates, stainless steel vacuum titanium-plated plates, etc.

Elevator decoration: mainly the decoration of hall door and car, most of the applied processes include etching, mirror surface, titanium plating, sandblasting, etc. Through a single or combined process, patterns and textures are made to form stainless steel elevator decorative panels.

Kitchen and bathroom decoration: such as stainless steel bathroom cabinet, stainless steel cabinet body and cabinet door, representative products include stainless steel black titanium flower plate, stainless steel wire drawing plate, stainless steel film decorative plate, stainless steel transfer decorative plate, etc.

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