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Selecting The Very Best Kitchen Chef Knives

by:Topson     2020-06-22
It is a hard job to buy kitchen chef knives.
Kitchen knives are usually something you receive in a wedding or housewarming gift, and then simply put it aside until they start to dull or break in the end.
Any valuable chef knows how important it is to use a high quality chef knife in food preparation.
Professional knife sets can make your work easier and make your cooking better. A top-
The knife sleeve of the gap chef will be fully weighted, so it feels good in your hands, and the knife should remain dominant over time.
A good set of knives is not always expensive.
Ignore all that engaging integrity (
10 blades or more! )
The chef\'s knife cover is conveniently sold on the knife seat for $29. 99âx80¦it\'s low-
Cost garbage, it can\'t work effectively, you will almost certainly cut yourself with it, it won\'t take advantage, but it will definitely slow your progress forever.
You don\'t need 10 kitchen knives anyway. The chef\'s kitchen knife will do everything.
Professional cooking, actually, I will most likely use my favorite chef\'s knife many times, every time I pick up a peeler or boning knife, if I have, I can completely ignore these other kitchen knives and take advantage of my trusty, loved, month old Wuhstoffs classic knife! Old-
School kitchen chef knife, or unique German knife, or Japanese knife?
Ten years ago, almost all professional chefs used a German knife with heavy weight, high quality and high quality, but now there are a lot of people who have eloped to this brand --
New spires Japanese designed knives for money as their preferred best kitchen knives. The Japanese (
Global tool is one of the well-known manufacturers)
Usually made in harder stainless steel, the blade is thinner, can be sharper and significantly lighter in weight.
The downside of the Japanese version is that they may be a bit hard to grind, however, many chefs really like the light weight and accuracy of the surgery with the Japanese scalpel razorsharp knives.
This is a matter of personal preference and comfort, some people like the huge weight of the Germans and are also looking for the sharp and light of the Japanese.
Grab the two of them and find out which one feels more comfortable.
So, first of all from the basic knife jargon (Knife Points)
You also need forged steel.
This means that this knife is \"forged\" with a section of steel, Hammer into this shape at the main weight and high temperature.
The process of making kitchen knives is a bit expensive. during the whole construction process, only the senior kitchen knives manufacturers use forging.
Compared to the chef knife cut or stamped, the forged chef knife will maintain a better cutting edge.
The most effective cutting edge of high carbon steel stainless steel is actually made of carbon steel, nevertheless, this blade will rust and also change color, because of this, this blade is never the most popular
High carbon stainless steel is an excellent follow-up alternative material that will keep the edges very well and will not normally require maintenance other than regular knife grinding.
You do want this knife to be a complete Tang handle style.
This means that the blade expands on the handle as a solid stainless steel single piece.
Will make the blade basically indestructible and the handle will not be separated from the blade.
The chef\'s kitchen cutter must feel good-
Balance in your own hands.
If you use two fingers to try the knife palm on a metal pad between the blade and the handle, does your hand really feel balanced?
If that doesn\'t meet your needs, it\'s definitely not the right knife.
The knives and uses of various chefs are listed below.
This is the best kitchen knife.
This is multi-function cutter.
It can be used for a variety of products such as vegetables, fruits, various meats and poultry.
The best chef knives can be used for many different cutting techniques, including chopped, shredded, in addition to slicing.
Paring Knife -
Every house needs a good peeling knife.
A versatile utility knife for small characters such as toppings and vegetable tails, removing skins from onions and preparing small fruits.
Turning knives don\'t usually put those in the home kitchen area, but it\'s critical for anyone who is doing a unique design and style presentation.
A good turning knife includes a small curved blade to make a barrel-like look related to the purpose of the presentation.
Carving Knife -
It has a very long, slender blade, and the knife needs to be very sharp in order to ensure that the cutting is neat, accurate and effective.
It usually has a carved fork, which may be bigger and stronger than a normal fork.
When the meat is carved, it happens to be created to help support them.
A good cutting knife includes a medium
Long blades, may be narrow and flexible, so may bend when running on the skeleton structure of the fish, especially flat fish.
Jagged Knife
This special cutting knife is made of jagged edges, which can cut food such as bread, or hard skin such as vegetables and fruits, tomatoes and peppers.
The jagged knife has a very long thin blade that helps with the type of cutting movement required when cutting.
Boning Knife -
A good boneless cutter includes a short to medium blade that can be directed directly to the end.
This should be sturdy, plus rigid, certainly not flexible like a roll knife.
The key is to close to the bone and cut off the meat.
I don\'t know why it\'s really called a knife, but it\'s not made for cutting.
It is stiff and flexible, and it is useful to operate in complex situations.
For example: it is used to simply flip the product through the food preparation process©Potatoes.
This may be useful to lift the food from the pan to the plate.
Another use is to apply butter on the bread and cream on the cake.
The palette knives are usually quite long, although they vary greatly in length and are flexible in order to be able to get them under the food.
Hope this informative article is useful for happy baking!
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