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seamless steel pipe profile

by:Topson     2020-07-24
The seamless steel pipe is made of a steel ingot or a solid tube, which is perforated into a capillary tube and then made from hot, cold or cold rolling.
The specification of seamless steel pipe is indicated by the outer diameter of the wall thickness mm.
Seamless steel pipe and cold rolling (dial)
There are two types of seamless steel pipes. Hot-
Rolled seamless steel pipe general steel pipe, medium and low pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, geological steel pipe and other steel pipe. Cold-rolled (dial)
Seamless steel pipe except general steel pipe, low and medium pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, steel pipe, other including carbon thin-walled steel pipe, alloy thin-walled steel pipe, thin-
Stainless steel wall pipe, steel pipe.
The diameter of hot rolled seamless steel pipe is generally greater than 32mm, and the wall thickness is 2.
5 a 75mm, to 6mm of the diameter of the cold-rolled seamless steel pipe, the wall thickness can reach 0.
25mm, the diameter thickness of the thin wall pipe to 5mm is less than 0.
25mm, cold rolling is higher than hot rolling.
As the name implies, the temperature of the rolling piece is high, so the deformation resistance is small and the large deformation can be realized.
Taking the steel plate rolling system as an example, the thickness of continuous casting billet is about 230mm, and the thickness after rough rolling is 1 ~ 20mm.
At the same time, due to the small thickness of the steel plate, the dimensional accuracy requirements are relatively low, and the plate type problem is not easy to appear. the control convex is given priority.
For the required organization, the organization and mechanical properties of the strip steel are generally controlled by controlling rolling cooling and rolling, and controlling the final rolling temperature, final rolling temperature and rolling temperature.
The general purpose ASTM A2013 seamless steel pipe is made of 10,20, 30,35 and 45 high-quality carbon steel guitar 16mn, 5mnv low alloy steel or 40cr, 30 mnsi, 45mn and 40mnb guitars made of hot rolled or cold rolled steel.
Seamless steel pipes made of low carbon steel such as 10 and 20 are mainly used for flow pipes.
Seamless work of medium carbon steel such as 45, 40Cr, for manufacturing mechanical parts such as cars and tractor parts.
Seamless steel pipe is generally used to ensure the strength and pressure test.
Hot-rolled steel pipes in hot-rolled state or heat-treated state.
Cold rolling after heat treatment.
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