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Research and Experiment on Processing Technology of Red Bronze Stainless Steel

by:Topson     2022-10-11

Red bronze technology has been widely used in ancient my country. For example, during the Qing Dynasty, the animal heads stolen from the Yuanmingyuan in Beijing and auctioned by France are red bronze handicrafts, which are antique, dignified and elegant. With the improvement of people's living standards and the new, strange and beautiful requirements for decorations. In order to meet the requirements of the market and foreign trade export, Foshan Topson Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. has carried out research and experiments on stainless steel processing of imitation green bronze and red bronze, and achieved satisfactory results. The stainless steel coating processed by the company is elegant in color, beautiful in appearance and antique in taste, and is well received by consumers and foreign businessmen. Red bronze fictitious etching plate is often used in hotel decoration, KTV decoration, construction engineering decoration, home decoration, furniture decoration, elevator decoration, etc. It is widely used in various decoration fields!

The surface has the advantages of colorful, bright color, bright color, soft, elegant and strong finish. The new material bronze wire drawing board has a wide application field and can be used in elevators, hardware appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, cabinets, building decoration, advertising signs, daily necessities, etc., which can greatly improve the added value of products and have obvious market competition advantages. The colors are titanium black, sky blue, titanium gold, sapphire blue, brown, brown, purple, bronze, green bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple red, titanium white, emerald green, green, etc.

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