Regarding the mechanical properties of the metal material of the colored stainless steel plate, what

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Regarding the mechanical properties of the metal material of the colored stainless steel plate, what are the advantages of using it in the kitchen

by:Topson     2022-08-29

Mechanical properties, also known as mechanical properties of metals, include strength, hardness, elasticity, plasticity, toughness and fatigue. Metal materials have better mechanical properties than other general materials, and they can generally meet the requirements of mechanical properties when used as architectural decoration. What are the mechanical properties of color stainless steel decorative panels?

1. Strength

The ability of the metal material to resist deformation or damage under the action of external force is called strength. The stronger the material, the more resistant it is to deform or break it. Strength is expressed in terms of the bearing capacity per unit area of ​​the material.

2. Hardness

The performance of a metal material to resist the indentation or local damage of a harder object is called hardness. The hardness of a stainless steel metal material is directly reflected in the surface wear resistance in use, and it is more wear-resistant than other materials.

3. Elasticity and plasticity

There are two kinds of deformation of metal materials under the action of external force: one is elastic deformation and the other is plastic deformation. When the external force is removed, the deformation that can be restored is called elastic deformation, and the deformation that cannot be restored is called plastic deformation. The ability to produce elastic deformation without being destroyed under the action of external force is called elasticity; the ability to produce deformation without being destroyed is called plasticity.

Stainless steel metal materials are generally divided into plastic materials and brittle materials according to the quality of plasticity. The plasticity of the material is manifested in that it is easy to be formed by deformation during processing. When the plasticity is good in use, it is not easy to be brittle. For example, glass is brittle, so it is brittle. Stainless steel sheet metal materials generally have better plasticity than other materials. Plasticity is generally expressed by the percentage of material that can be elongated to indicate the size and quality of plasticity, such as elongation of 2%.

4. Toughness

The ability of a metal material to resist impact loads is called impact toughness, or toughness for short. The toughness of a material is the ability to not easily break when subjected to impact loads. The toughness of colored stainless steel metal materials is generally greater than that of other materials, such as wood, which is more tough than glass.

5. Fatigue

The ability of a metal material to resist the repeated action of alternating loads is called fatigue strength, or fatigue for short. The fatigue strength of a metal reflects the service life of the material under alternating loads. The fatigue strength of the colored stainless steel metal material is high, and it can be used for a longer time than other materials with low fatigue strength under the action of alternating loads.

The advantages of color stainless steel plate


The surface of the color stainless steel plate can use a new process called fingerprint-free processing technology. This technology mainly uses nano-layer technology to form a very thin and very strong protective layer on the surface of the color stainless steel plate, because it can avoid the touch of human fingers. It leaves fingerprints, so it is also called a color stainless steel plate without fingerprints. The fingerprint-free processing process can be processed on color stainless steel mirror panels, brushed plates, frosted plates, etched plates, etc. to obtain a fingerprint-free effect, which can be well enhanced. Anti-rust function.


The color stainless steel plate has strong plasticity, which has changed the defects of rigid installation of wooden materials, and as a metal material, it also has more excellent flame retardancy, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, green environmental protection and so on. And the color is produced by vacuum ion Electroplating, the color layer on the surface is colorful and gorgeous, and it is very firm, especially the brushed or frosted board, which has better wear resistance than other surface texture states.


The surface pattern of the color stainless steel plate is three-dimensional and rich. Using advanced equipment and processing technology, the surface of the color stainless steel plate can be etched with a three-dimensional pattern with a sense of concave and convex, clear texture and tightness. Combined with various colors, it is full of modern fashion trends. The artistic sense, liven up the atmosphere in the kitchen.


The colored stainless steel plate has changed the unsteady feeling of the wooden plate, and it is stronger than the wooden material and increases the anti-sinking resistance of the product floor.


Materials such as stone and wood are relatively easy to mold or weather when exposed to water in the kitchen for a long time, and other metal materials are not suitable for kitchen decoration in moisture, so colored stainless steel metal is far more suitable for cabinet decoration than other materials. .However, this metal material also has quality points. Generally, 201 and 304 stainless steel plates are commonly used, but the 304 material plate will have stronger rust resistance.

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