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Putting the shine back in a stainless sink

by:Topson     2020-08-25
Q: My kitchen sink is stainless steel.
It is about 11 years old and has become so dull over the years.
I hope to see it light a little bit.
How can I restore the gloss of it? Bethesda, Md.
A: From the picture you sent, you may be dealing with two issues: dull and scratches.
One option is to try a product advertised to restore the gloss of the stainless steel sink, such as Weiman stainless steel sink cleaner and Poland ($7 ).
$98 on Amazon) or perfect sink for Hope ($3 ).
97), there are many positive evaluations of both.
If that\'s not enough, or if you don\'t want to add to the mess of professional cleaning products, there\'s more to try.
When the stainless steel sink looks dim, it is usually because it is scrubbed with detergent and bleach containing chlorine bleach
Or-load scrub padsworst of all —
Pre-issued fine steel wool
With detergent and bleach.
Stainless steel is generally resistant to rust, as it is made of plain steel plus chromium and other ingredients such as nickel that add luster.
Chromium on the surface is combined with oxygen in the air or water to form a micro-
A thin layer of chromium oxide, it seals the steel below and prevents it from rust.
But if you wash with chlorine bleach, you peel off the protective layer and form enough rust to make the whole surface look dim.
If you use steel wool, the pads are too small to see falling off, embedded in fine textures on the surface of the sink, these parts are easy to rust because they are plain steel.
To remove a layer of fine rust that makes stainless steel look bleak, scrub with something that does not contain bleach, such as a cloth embedded in baking soda or a scrub powder like Bon Ami.
Scrubbing is also the best way to make the deep scratches in the sink disappear, or at least become less obvious.
Sometimes it is enough to scrub the pad with green, just like you do with a flowerpot;
The finish it produces is similar to what the appliance manufacturer calls a brush face finish.
Wipe the surface with water or mineral oil and in some non
Chlorine scrub powder (baking soda, Bon Ami) if you want ).
Go in the direction of the brush mark on the sink, not round (except near the drain where you don\'t have any other practical options ).
Work in one direction, not back and forth.
Since stainless steel is made from the same material, you don\'t have to worry about scrubbing too deep, just like if your sink is made of other materials.
Be careful not to create scratch lines that are relative to the brush face texture.
If you still see deep scratches after a few minutes, switch to thicker sand using a sanding pad or a sanding sponge, you can shape against the curve of the sink --
The 3 m sponge scrub pad is very flexible and can be used even in very fine grits.
A set of five grits consisting of 80 to 1,000 grits costs $14. Month in the frontier iron riding army. com.
Start using 600-grit pad.
If it doesn\'t progress on the deepest scratch, please switch to the next-
Coarse sand 320
It\'s like polishing scratch plates: You start with the roughest particles that remove the scratches, and then polish them with finer sandpaper until the scratches get so fine that they seem to disappear.
Generally, grits of 400 to 600 are most useful for removing scratches from stainless steel.
Around the drain, use old toothbrushes and baking soda or non
Chlorine scrubbing powder such as Bon Ami.
If you have a deposit in your sink
White smoke on metal
Soak a piece of cloth with vinegar, put a little (maybe 15 minutes) on the deposit, and wipe it clean.
You can repeat this treatment several times if necessary.
When you are satisfied with the finish of the sink, rinse the metal thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth and dry it.
If you still don\'t see the shine you desire, try rubbing on a few drops of cooking oil.
Leave the sink alone for one day if possible, which will allow the formation of a new protective layer of chromium oxide to prevent rust.
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