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Processing points of stainless steel color plate

by:Topson     2022-09-23

Stainless steel is now inseparable from our lives. Let me introduce the main points of stainless steel color plate processing.

1. If you want to cut, bend and shape the stainless steel color plate, such as forming, making skirt line, door frame edge, etc., when buying stainless steel color plate, please be sure to communicate with the manufacturer, paste a layer of protective film higher than 6c, To avoid cutting, grooving and bending to scratch the surface of the sheet.

2. When the stainless steel color plate is welded, the area around the welding will also fade. Avoid soldering as much as possible. If you can use screws, you should try to use them. If soldering is required, it should be on the back, in the dark and other out of sight, if possible. The welding method is spot welding. If soldering is required at the front or in obvious places, the solder joints should be small. After welding, do not sand first. If there is a similar color after welding, the stick should be painted. If the workpiece is relatively small, and Party A's requirements are better, it can be welded, ground, polished, and then colored with natural colored stainless steel.

3. The protective film should be removed as soon as possible after construction to avoid degumming. If there is slight degumming, please wipe with alcohol or acetone. If the degumming is severe, Tianna water can also be used.

The above is the stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturer to briefly introduce the main points of stainless steel color steel plate processing.

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