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Process flow of stainless steel processing copper plating

by:Topson     2022-10-26

When stainless steel is processed and copper-plated, it needs to go through professional processing procedures. It is necessary to coat a layer of copper on the stainless steel material, so the material looks like the color of copper. During the purchase of the material, although the appearance does not look like copper. What's the difference, but because of the process characteristics of copper plating, the cost is much lower than that of real copper, which can save more purchasing costs for users, and this copper plate not only has the aesthetic characteristics of copper metal, but also has stainless steel material. Performance advantages, the decoration effect is more prominent after installation and use.

The quality of the copper plating process directly affects the quality of the material. Therefore, during the production of stainless steel and copper plating, the German leading water plating processing method was selected, and thicker brass and other materials were plated on the surface of the material. After processing, the material The surface has good texture and gloss, which can achieve a good antique decoration effect after installation and use, and also makes up for the shortcomings of traditional materials. There will be no separation during use, and no blistering will occur.

The service life of the material is also relatively long, and it also has relatively high oxidation resistance, so the requirements for the installation environment are not very high. After installation, even if there are corrosive substances around, the material will not be easily affected by these substances. , can maintain stability, generally speaking, this material can be used for more than 40 years.

From the above introduction, we can know that the cost-effectiveness of stainless steel processing and copper plating is very high. Installation and usage requirements.

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