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Precautions when choosing stainless steel plate

by:Topson     2022-07-13

As consumers' living standards improve, they have higher requirements for many things. Few people used stainless steel composite panels for interior decoration before, and now this has become a lot of people. But what should you pay attention to when purchasing color stainless steel composite panels?

Appearance effect:

Stainless steel sheets are mainly used for decoration, and the surface decoration and decoration requirements are very high. When inspecting, it must be carefully inspected and investigated. A good stainless steel film sheet should have no obvious color under direct sunlight, and the whole batch of sheet has no color. The color is uniform, the color is good, no scratches, no bending and fading. The surface of the mirror panel should be free of grinding head flowers and horseshoe prints, with high brightness. Of course, the better the quality of the board, the more expensive the price, the less demanding decoration can also be reduced to the required board, choose a more economical and more affordable decoration board

Different styles and batches of stainless steel composite plates may have obvious color differences, so before purchasing, you must make a budget for the quantity and size of the purchase, and purchase enough required quantities at one time. Even common stainless steel coated sheets such as leather, brushed, stone, and wood grains advocate a one-time purchase of feet. The more the quantity, the more affordable the price can be from the manufacturer. However, if you are from an unfamiliar or unfamiliar manufacturer, before purchasing in large quantities, it is recommended that you purchase dozens of boards for quality and effect investigations in small batches. But many manufacturers will provide samples for customer reference. But in fact, a palm-sized sample does not judge the quality of it, it can only play the effect of comparing colors or patterns.

Tear off the film:

The stainless steel composite panel will be pasted with a protective film before leaving the factory. Many unsalable boards are kept in the warehouse for a long time, and the protective film is powdered and not easy to tear. Even if it is a transparent film, when we inspect the goods, we must tear off a large piece to see the quality of the film. If you need to cut and bend it later, use a protective film above 6C first to avoid scratching the surface. After the stainless steel composite panel is installed, the film layer should be removed as soon as possible, and the surface should be coated with glue. Especially when decorating on site, due to direct sunlight, tear off the protective film immediately after construction.

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