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Precautions for the protective film on the surface of stainless steel sheet

by:Topson     2022-09-11

1. Precautions for the protective film on the surface of stainless steel sheet

Since the protective film is a chemical product, it is prone to deterioration and oxidation when exposed to high temperature light for a long time. The shelf life should be used as soon as possible, the shelf life is generally three months.

When water is immersed between the protective film and the steel plate substrate, the corrosion rate is faster than that without the protective film. The protective film should be checked regularly. If the protective film deteriorates, it should be replaced immediately. If the packing paper has soaked the packing material, the packing paper should be removed immediately to prevent surface rust.

(3) Stainless steel sheet construction and construction precautions:

(1) In order to prevent scratches and pollutants from adhering during the construction process, the construction of stainless steel is carried out in the state of protective film. However, with the extension of time, the residual adhesive should be cleaned according to the protective film used, the protective film should be removed after construction, and the use of special stainless steel tools, such as the use of general steel cleaning tools, should be cleaned in order to prevent iron filings from sticking. .

(2) Be careful not to let corrosive cleaning chemicals come into contact with the stainless steel surface. If there is contact, rinse immediately. After application, clean the cement/flour on the surface with neutral detergent and water.

(3) When installing stainless steel doors and windows, if there is water when the cement around the doors and windows is not dry, it cannot be installed. It can be installed if the water on the wall is required to dry.

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