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Precautions for storage and processing of stainless steel sheets

by:Topson     2022-09-16

Stainless steel plate, high strength and hardness, good plasticity and toughness. According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into hot rolling and cold rolling, and can be divided into five categories according to the characteristics of the steel structure. Stainless steel products are divided into 200 series, 300 series and 400 series.

1. The floor where the finished product is stored should be kept dry to prevent the bottom of the finished product from being in contact with the floor for a long time, and moisture will penetrate into the surface and cause oxidation and discoloration.

2. When the finished product (such as door frame) is stored, pay attention to check whether the protective film is damaged, and seal it in time to prevent the exposed panel from being penetrated by the outside humid air, corroding the panel and causing discoloration.

Precautions for the protective film on the surface of stainless steel plate

(1) Since the protective film is a chemical product, it is easy to deteriorate and oxidize when exposed to high temperature light for a long time. The shelf life should be used as soon as possible, the shelf life is generally three months.

When water is immersed between the protective film and the steel substrate, the corrosion rate is faster than without the protective film. The protective film should be checked regularly. If the protective film deteriorates, it should be replaced immediately. If the wrapping paper is soaked by the wrapping material, remove the wrapping paper immediately to prevent surface corrosion.

Precautions for construction and processing of stainless steel sheet:

(1) The construction of stainless steel is carried out in the state of protective film, in order to prevent scratches and the adhesion of pollutants during the construction process. But with the extension of time, the remaining glue should be cleaned according to the use of protective film, the surface of the protective film should be cleaned after construction, and the use of special stainless steel tools, such as the use of general steel cleaning tools, should be cleaned in order to prevent iron filings from sticking.

(2) Do not let corrosive drugs come into contact with the stainless steel surface when cleaning, if contact should be cleaned immediately. After application, clean the cement/ash surface with neutral detergent and water.

(3) When installing stainless steel doors and windows, if there is water accumulation around the doors and windows when the cement is not dry, it cannot be installed, and drywall water accumulation is required before installation.

Since stainless steel materials can be processed into various products, such as screens, shelves, guardrails, etc., some products require special processing before production and processing to ensure the beauty and decorative effect of the products. However, many stainless steel sheet manufacturers process products. In order to save processing time, they will use very common processing methods to process the product, so that after a long time, there will be problems, such as stainless steel plate rusting or other conditions, which will not only affect the appearance, but also cause quality problems.

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