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Precautions for processing, installation and post-maintenance of colored stainless steel plates

by:Topson     2022-08-16

1. Color stainless steel plate'> Precautions for processing and installation of color stainless steel plate:

1: Before processing and installation, do not tear off, scratch or scratch the surface protective film, so as not to damage the surface of the board or the oil film without fingerprints, causing the color of the board to change due to oxidation.

2: In the process of transportation, handling, installation and use, if the surface is damaged (without fingerprints), please immediately use transparent self-drying paint to spray for protection.

3: When cross-constructing with other decorations, the stainless steel plate should be covered to prevent the stainless steel from being scratched or stained with corrosive liquid.

4: Try not to directly weld with high temperature tools such as oxygen welding, argon arc welding, and electric welding. If welding must be used, the area around the weld will fade. Spot welding is recommended. After welding, cover with self-spray paint of similar color.

5: After the construction is completed, the blocking film should be removed as soon as possible to avoid degumming, and the edge sealing should be done after the installation is completed. After tearing off the film, do not wipe with chemicals such as toluene, acetone, alcohol, thinner, etc., to avoid serious consequences such as fading, oxidative discoloration, etc. It is recommended that after the completion of the project, the processing part should be re-sprayed with transparent self-drying paint to prevent it from happening.

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