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Plating Method of Stainless Steel Decorative Color Plate and Its Complicated Difficulties

by:Topson     2022-04-03

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel decorative color plate is due to its surface is a solid layer of thin and transparent passive film, the film covering the stainless steel plating is harmful, so it must be removed before electroplating, however, the film in the atmosphere or other Oxidizing environment, and even regenerating immediately, so the color plating of stainless steel plate is different from ordinary steel plating. The process is more complicated. First, the film must be removed, and before the film is regenerated to form a layer of coating, this process is called activation, which is the process of electroplating. The process of adding activation.

In addition, stainless steel decorative color plates are usually in the state of stretch forming and electroplating, and there are lubricating materials or their decomposition products attached to the surface, so these dirts also need to be completely removed.

Alkali degreasing anode method is suitable for stainless steel degreasing. However, for high-chromium steel, due to the corrosion of chromium in alkali, attention should be paid to factors such as alkalinity, current density, and liquid temperature.

As mentioned above, the activation process is to remove the passivation film on the stainless steel plate and carry out the electroplating process. There are many kinds of treatment methods, representative of which are dipping method, anode treatment method, cathode treatment method, activation in the same solution and electroplating method.

When cleaning after activation, from the viewpoint of preventing the regeneration of the passive film, the water should be kept weakly acidic, and the cleaning process must be carried out as soon as possible.

In this way, the fully activated stainless steel plate is easier to obtain the adhesion coating. Objects should be put into the bath in a current state, since stainless steel has a greater resistance than many metals and needs to be completely covered in a short time, more hangers are required than ordinary hangers.

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