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Performance characteristics of various colored stainless steel sheets

by:Topson     2022-08-27

Even if the same light is incident, oxide films with the same thickness will show different colors.

Due to its decorative effect and corrosion resistance, this product is far superior to ordinary stainless steel. Whether it is placed in the chemical air of the factory, the atmosphere of the kitchen fumes, or the humid air in the mountains or in the continental climate of the sea, its anti-aging performance is better than the popular stainless steel.

First, the performance characteristics of various color stainless steel plates

1. Features

Not color steel. It has no coating and is not toxic. Other aspects of machinability and performance are the same as ordinary stainless steel. However, each thickness of the oxide film corresponds to the underlying color. Therefore, it will become an alternative to popular stainless steel products and enter all industries that use stainless steel.

Processability: It can meet the requirements of conventional forming, deep drawing, curling and work hardening. The results show that the oxide film is complete after c-bending and 8mm cupping treatment. When the weather changes (changes in air humidity), the oxide film also changes, and the color also changes.

2. Welding performance: It can carry out various welding such as arc welding and spot welding. When the moisture on the surface film is removed, the oxide film is restored and the color returns to its original color.

3. Anti-aging properties: no aging in the sun, in the atmosphere, and in the rain for a long time.

4. Scrub resistance: If the product is dirty, it can be cleaned with any organic solvent, neutral solvent and water.

5. Anti-fouling: After being polluted, it can be recycled after cleaning. It is also very resistant to abrasion, scratches and scrubbing. The performance characteristics of stainless steel plates of various colors, and the oxide films of different thicknesses can produce different colors.

6. Heat resistance: 28 days soaked in boiling water; five weeks at 200°C: 250°C below: heated to 400°C. The color of the film does not change significantly. It is a snow-white stainless steel profile composed of a transparent oxide film, and it is composed of different colors through the drying process of the oxide film. This performance is better than the others

Machine coated steel is much better. The general color series are: brown, black, tea white, purple blue, dark blue, stone blue, blue, gray, light yellow, yellow, cesium white, purple white, sky blue, green, yellow-green. .

2. Performance

1. Its corrosion resistance is much higher than that of stainless steel.

2. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant: it can meet the pressure of 500g/cm2, the rubber friction does not exceed 20,000 times, and the 300g steel needle does not scratch. So the colors are weird.

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