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Performance characteristics and product structure of stainless steel honeycomb panels

by:Topson     2022-09-06

The honeycomb panel has a smooth surface and uniform color. The products of stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturers use continuous roller coating technology to complete the color coating and improve the gloss of the product surface. The decorative effect of the honeycomb panel is very strong. From the early application in the aerospace field, it has been widely used in construction and other industries, and the market demand is constantly expanding. What are the characteristics of this product in terms of structure and performance?

Structural features of colored stainless steel honeycomb panels: Honeycomb panels provide designers with a wealth of choices, from panel materials, shapes, seams, mounting systems to colors and finishes. Honeycomb panel series products are rich in specifications and can provide a variety of panel shapes, especially suitable for large-area layout applications. Its unique charm is that the size of the board is larger and smoother. Stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturers can provide users with new materials with convenient construction, ideal comprehensive performance and remarkable thermal insulation effect. The honeycomb panel is a composite honeycomb structure formed by hot pressing with an aluminum alloy honeycomb core.

Honeycomb panel performance characteristics: stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturers can also produce and process furniture honeycomb panels. The environmental protection material products of modern furniture have been paid more and more attention by people. Many furniture industries use honeycomb panels to produce furniture. Due to the wide range of product applications, honeycomb panels can also be preferred as metal materials for curtain wall decoration, which can make full use of the high flexural strength of honeycomb panels. Compared with other metal sheets, it can appropriately reduce the size and quantity of reinforced aluminum profiles behind the board, ensure the overall flatness and flatness of the roof, and maintain a good effect for a long time.

The color stainless steel honeycomb panel has high surface flatness, high temperature stability, easy to form and not easy to deform. Honeycomb panels can not only be made into flat panels, but also into single-curved panels and hyperbolic panels. It has strong corrosion resistance, strong insulation and environmental adaptability, and is very suitable for harsh application environments such as airports, railways or passenger station control rooms. Manufacturers of stainless steel honeycomb panels can use surface spraying according to the needs of various environments. Or the surface is treated with composite fireproof board to achieve good decoration and fireproof function. High fire resistance grade, good self-extinguishing property after fire, low exothermic value, can form a refractory layer, reduce the release of smoke and toxic gases, and have good environmental performance. The advantages of stainless steel honeycomb panels are smooth surface, chemical scar resistance, and uniform color.

The aluminum honeycomb core in the color stainless steel honeycomb panel is honeycomb, which can prevent the expansion of air circulation, heat and sound waves, and reduce the thermal conductivity and sound waves. The stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturer's products are recyclable and have a long service life. The surface shape and color selection can be diversified, and the surface treatment process can be transferred to fluorocarbon paint and wood grain, which can extend the service life of the product to a certain extent. The product structure and performance provided by stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturers meet the needs of the market and the majority of users, and ensure reliable product services for users.

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