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Once the stainless steel plate is scratched, the consequences

by:Topson     2022-05-30

Once the stainless steel plate is scratched, the fingerprint-free stainless steel plate has the characteristics of moisturizing and bright, and retains a good metal texture; the touch feeling of the stainless steel plate is improved, and the fingerprint-free film layer changes the coldness and rigidity of the stainless steel itself. When you actually touch it, it becomes soft and delicate, feeling warm and elegant. The rust resistance of stainless steel plates has also been improved. The fingerprint-free film layer can effectively block external erosion, avoid the oxidation reaction of stainless steel, and prolong the service life. For stainless steel plates, it is also necessary to pay attention to the need to do fingerprint-free treatment. If the color-plated stainless steel plate is exposed to the air for a long time, discoloration will occur over time, resulting in uneven color and no primary color effect. After the fingerprint-free treatment is done, the stainless steel surface can be prevented from directly contacting with the outside world, and the color will remain bright and new for a long time. In addition, once the stainless steel plate is scratched, the true color of the stainless steel will be directly exposed, and the contrast will be relatively large, which will affect the appearance, and the color Ningbo stainless steel plate without fingerprints can avoid the color loss caused by small scratches. There are many advantages of fingerprint-free Ningbo stainless steel plate, but whether we need to do it in actual application depends on the customer's ability to bear and market habits and needs.

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