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Mezzaluna: The Best Kitchen Tool to Cut Fresh Herbs

by:Topson     2020-06-21
Use fresh herbs in cooking to add a wonderful taste to your favorite dishes.
However, the best kitchen utensils without cutting herbs will make it a time consuming job.
Many chefs find it not working to use a normal peeling knife, as herbs tend to stick to the blade and need to wipe the sharp edges frequently.
My favorite kitchen tool is an Italian chopping knife, also called mezzaluna.
It can cut any herbs easily.
Kitchen herbal scissors are also useful when cooking in the kitchen with fresh herbs.
Any of these tools will be a great stocking tool for your favorite chef on your Christmas list.
Italian Chopping knife: mezzaluna is a fantastic invention to chop fresh herbs effortlessly with a sturdy blade.
There are two main varieties.
Single or double blade.
Most blades are nine or 10 inch stainless steel blades with small handles on both ends.
The handle allows the chef to shake the blade back and forth on herbs in order to cut the blade neatly.
Some mezzalunas have bowls that can be used to chop up herbs, but it can also be used on flat cutting boards.
If the recipe you use requires several chopped fresh herbs, this is an effective tool as you can use mezzaluna to chop them at the same time and it is easy to blend his flavors.
In this case, double layer mezzaluna is especially helpful when you need to chop up a large amount of herbs.
The process is accelerated with a double blade.
The origin of the word MezzalunaThe mezzaluna, meaning half moon, originated in Italy, therefore, the Italian chopping knife is named after the curvature of the blade.
According to Wikipedia, kitchen equipment is known in French as hachoir and is often referred to as a herbal knife or a herbal helicopter in the United States.
Kitchen herbal cutting is also an essential tool when cooking with fresh herbs.
This gadget is best suited for cutting scallions or raw herbs like rosemary.
Multi-leaf herbs tend to stick to the leaves and cut better with mezzaluna.
The advantage of the kitchen scissors is that it allows the chef to trim the herbs precisely.
It also saves the cost of cleaning the extra bowl or dish board.
Most kitchen scissors are stainless steel blades, which are separated for easy cleaning.
If you don\'t have a green thumb, you can still grow herbs easily in a small area or container in the backyard garden.
Many chefs plant a small indoor herbal garden in a window container.
Here are the easiest herbs to plant: Rosemary, a perennial plant that grows very rich and quickly grows into shrubs.
It thrive in the sun or shade, almost immortal.
Basil sweet basil is a very delicious herb.
It is an annual plant that grows in the shade or in the sun and is very heat resistant.
It will not be planted until the last frost.
DillWonderful on fish or tuna melt sandwich, which grows rapidly every year.
To get the best effect, trim the plant frequently, otherwise it needs a stake to keep it off the ground.
This wonderful scent of fresh herbs will give your senses a fresh glow.
Coriander is a plant of the year that is sunny, but it is difficult to grow once the temperature is too hot.
You can usually enjoy eight to ten weeks of fun before this herb starts to blossom.
There are many kinds of oregano, but the best variety to grow delicious food is Greek oregano.
This person who loves sunshine all the year round.
Cut the stem to the ground to encourage more stem growth and Fuller plants.
If you like fresh vegetables but are not sure how to cook, please click on the link below for a simple recipe for using fresh herbs and vegetables.
These are great recipes to try out new kitchen tools.
http://lauragspeaks . hubpages. Com/hub/Recipes-for-Grilled-Summer-
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