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Metal Fabrication Is Like Building a Cardboard Model

by:Topson     2020-08-09
Metal making is very simple.
This is the reason for me to finish the final transmission system installation in the Chevrolet V-of the drive8-
Toyota Land Cruiser power project 1988 (
By the way, this is done on the road. .
Without the power of manufacture, it is impossible to cram the entrails of one truck into the chassis of another manufacturer, with a few exceptions.
But not all welding.
Making is equivalent to assembling a puzzle with pieces of your own design.
But before you start cutting and welding large pieces of metal, you have to figure out how everything is combined.
Ask yourself, for example, what do you want to accomplish?
What kind of support does the affected part need and which space plane or axis along it?
Do you remember when you had to build a model of the Pantai farm temple with a large posterboard in elementary school?
This is the same thing.
After you cut the surrounding box into small triangles and large rectangles (ish)
Shape, you build a cardboard model that you are trying to build.
This is based on your measurements (
Accurate and eye-catching)
As a template for your metal structure.
The actual manufacturing parts are like building a cardboard model, but replace the cardboard and masking tape with a metal and MIG welder.
When you have the power of metal, you can do anything and do anything.
The sky is the limit; literally. (
Some of the most impressive metal structures come from aerospace technology).
I am passionate about converts because I tell you that metal making will change your life.
I found that when you start working like I did, it\'s better to make things as simple as possible.
Don\'t be scared by your friend\'s aluminum Tig welding ability.
It took him a long time to master these things.
What you need to do is to master your basic knowledge.
Think of it this way: when you drive around in a strange, awesome car you made with Square stock and a bunch of old parts, everyone will be impressed.
When you drive around and show your own charm, Tig-
The man was deeply enclosed within his research scope, and solved the master\'s secret.
No one will see these welds he made, or if they are visible, only one of the 100 people will say, \"Hey man, good welding!
\"This is not to say that the details are not beautiful.
No, one minute is sublime when reviewed.
But to experience real appreciation, you need to start with the big picture.
As I have it, this is how you believe that welding is the best way to make some kind of function.
Congratulate you if you can do a good job!
It\'s always cool to have beautiful welds throughout the project.
However, the choice between the beautiful weld and the function is clear: the form at the top of the function.
Overall, my attitude towards the car definitely fits in with my strategic idea of welding.
For example, I like the smooth lines of the Hudson River for 49 years. But a mid/late-
More than 70 cars, the proportion is moderate. . .
It will be bigger and faster than the Hudson River for the money.
Again, I can\'t emphasize this, it\'s much cheaper.
Especially if you\'re the kind of person who needs to build a stronger mill under the hood of the Hudson River.
Yes, the $1,500 75-year Monte Carlo will do, and you will feel just as good when you drive it-if not, better.
That\'s why, at a few points, I ended up getting the cube, belowSubaru. (
I also have one unless you are interested in buying it in a way that exceeds its value. )
Not an impressive car, but cheap, practical space, fun to drive and easy to work.
I mean don\'t go out tomorrow to buy a poor beating machine.
What I want to say is that as a welder, reaching the basic level will be a great help for your ability to restore and improve the project car, this is much more than not learning to weld because you are afraid;
Because you think you have to be some kind of Wizard for it. (
There are a lot of burning people there doing what they can do, making a pleasant statement without going deep into the weeds, er, details. )
Welding is complicated in some ways, but it is not rocket science.
There\'s a bunch of charts and shit. Charts!
Don\'t forget to register the drive. However, there is also a deeper side to metal manufacturing.
You might get burned.
You might get hurt.
You can breathe in concentrated welding smoke and emit it down on your redhot project. (
While this will provide you with an interesting story, you will be told every time someone asks about the scar.
I will make up a different story for everyone who wants to know.
This is more interesting. )
That is to say, shit is dangerous.
When welding, you should wear a long-sleeved shirt and trousers made of canvas or heavy cotton, and it is not a bad idea to add it with a leather jacket or heavy work clothes.
You should have a welding mask with your own.
Leather boots (black)
No nylon sneakers unless you want to burn on your feet).
You need a pair of big and heavy welding gloves.
Some people may be rough and wear only some goggles and a pair of gloves.
But it\'s too bad.
It\'s best not to be a fool, but to protect your skin from harm.
The hissing facial features don\'t look cool unless you go to the activities of the bronharles Bronson tough guy duty officer.
If this is the case, then in any case, it will be hot.
You should also clean up the work area of any flammable items around you.
It would be a huge frustration if a red one
The hot slag ball splashed on a pile of oil cloth under your feet.
The resulting fire could make all the kids nearby call you Burger boy.
No one wants this.
According to Carlos dos Santos, owner of the Brooklyn auto factory, the biggest thing is --
He was the one who taught me how to weld and Brooklyn Motor Company was his motorcycle repair and Custom Shop --
With your eyes.
\"Observe the weld,\" he said, using the old school accent of New York City, talking about real industrial topics.
\"If you can\'t see the hot part and have a good idea for your penetration, you\'re not welding.
You have to use your eyes. \"It\'s true.
You must be able to see what you are doing.
I sewed a few pieces of steel and the weld is available, but you can say it\'s the best.
When Carlos looked at the piece, he said, \"you didn\'t use your eyes . \".
My welds look better and look stronger, and when I re-focus my attention on the center of that little magma puddle, when you touch a electrode to the ground metal, these magma will dance into shape.
When the puddle cooled, I noted where the edge was and where I started the next puddle.
Wait until the puddle is blue-tinged, domino-
Like a sparkling bubble between two dark objects.
Occasionally, of course, things don\'t get messed up.
Maybe you lost focus, burned a little too deep, or too far from the last weld.
Maybe your protective gas is running out, and when the dissolved electrode conflicts with impurities in the metal and atmosphere, messy sparks fly around. (
A good way to hole in your clothes, that one. )
Occasionally, when the heat generated by the electronic competition goes to death, you may burn the live shit in your hand, move along a thick piece of metal, and plunge in the crude fiber of the welded gloves, at the end of the foot nerve of the fingertip stom.
Worse things could happen too.
The title of a report earlier in the century was, \"employees were found dead after arc welding support rods.
\"I don\'t think it\'s necessary to elaborate further.
Take care of your safety. you are gold.
Believe me, welding makes you a better person.
You become self-conscious.
You remember those-
When hanniba smoked a cigar to supervise the Superman jury
His eclectic team worked again and again for a brilliant victory.
You realize that you can also climb every mountain, every stream, from 20 th century musical Wizards Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein. So to speak.
You will definitely become more creative and give yourself a deeper understanding of the \"problem solving\" scenario.
While in front of the article, I laughed at perfection when announcing my dedication to the fun available, everyone was different.
Those who do everything perfectly must have their purpose (
And charge a considerable fee for it).
What\'s the bottom line? You do you.
Pay attention to safety, don\'t be afraid, go weld something.
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