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Matters needing attention when processing stainless steel

by:Topson     2022-12-14

In the production process of stainless steel processing manufacturers, there will be visible damage, defects and some substances that affect the surface, such as: dust, floating iron powder or embedded iron, hot tempering color and other oxide layers, rust spots, grinding burrs, welding arc marks , welding spatter, flux, welding defects, oil and grease, residual adhesive and paint, chalk and marker pens, etc. The vast majority are underappreciated or poorly done because their harmful effects are ignored. However, they are potentially harmful to the oxide protective film.

In the production process, various defects will inevitably appear, such as scratches, pits, creases, pollution, etc., so the surface quality, such as scratches, creases, etc., are not allowed to appear whether they are high-grade materials or low-grade materials. The pitting defect is also not allowed by stainless steel processing manufacturers during the production of spoons, spoons, forks, because it is difficult to throw it away during polishing. Therefore, in the process of processing into stainless steel products, we must pay attention to the above problems, especially those stainless steel decorations with very high surface requirements.

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