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Matters needing attention in the drilling process of stainless steel plate

by:Topson     2022-05-26
Precautions in the drilling process of stainless steel plates During the drilling process, due to the poor thermal conductivity and small elastic modulus of stainless steel materials, it is also difficult to machine holes. The hole machining problem of these materials is mainly solved by selecting the appropriate tool material. (1) Selection of tool material When machining stainless steel parts, due to high cutting force and high cutting temperature, the tool material should have high strength and good thermal conductivity. CBN (cubic boron nitride) inserts can be machined with CBN (cubic boron nitride) inserts, the hardness of CBN is second only to diamond, with a hardness of 7000 to 8000HV, so CBN has excellent wear resistance. Have. Heat resistance up to 1200°C is much higher than diamond and can withstand higher cutting temperatures. In addition, it is highly chemically inert and chemically free from iron group metals at 1200 to 1300°C, making it ideal for machining stainless steel materials. Tool life is dozens of times longer than carbide or ceramic tools. (2) The shape parameters of the tool The shape parameters of the tool play an important role in the cutting performance. In order to make the cutting light and smooth, the carbide tool must adopt a larger inclination angle to improve the tool life. Usually, the inclination angle is 10°-20° for roughing, 15°-20° for semi-finishing, and 20°-30° for finishing. The main inclination angle is chosen based on: 30° to 45° if the rigidity of the process system is good; 60 to 75° for the rigidity of the process system; more than 90° if the aspect ratio of the workpiece exceeds 10 times. When boring stainless steel with ceramic tools, the ceramic tools use a negative rake angle for cutting. The size of the rake angle should normally be -5° to -12°. This strengthens the bit and helps take full advantage of the high compressive strength of ceramic tools. The relief angle directly affects the wear of the tool and also affects the strength of the blade, usually 5° to 12° is used. Changes in the entering angle will affect the cutting width and thickness, as well as changes in the radial and axial cutting forces. The vibration of the process system is very detrimental to ceramic tools, so the selection of the entering angle will help reduce this vibration, usually 30° to 75°. If CBN is selected as the tool material, the geometric parameters of the tool are 0° to 10° rake angle, 12° to 20° rake angle and 45° to 90° entering angle. (3) When polishing the rake face, the roughness should be small. To avoid chip sticking, carefully sharpen the rake face and rake face of the tool to reduce the roughness value, thereby reducing and avoiding chip flow resistance. There are chips on the knife.
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