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Material understanding of color stainless steel plate

by:Topson     2022-08-04

Color stainless steel plate has become a beautiful cluster in the stainless steel series, professional production of color stainless steel vacuum coated titanium plate, complete colors, can be plated with gold, champagne gold, black gold, gun gold, silver white, silver gray, bronze, bronze, Rose gold, purple gold, coffee gold, sapphire blue, seven colors, brown, etc. Titanium plate material is stainless steel 201.202.304, etc., surface 8k2bba, brushed No.3, No.4 stainless steel flat BA plate 8K mirror plate, titanium plate, frosted plate, etched plate, embossed plate, etc., rich and diverse colors , The color is stable, the film layer is uniform, strong and wear-resistant, and it can ensure that it will not fade for decades, which greatly enhances the colorful and diverse colors of stainless steel in the kitchen, making your gold matching kitchen glow with lasting charm and women's warmth, gentleness and comfort.

The surface of the color stainless steel plate can use a new process called fingerprint-free processing technology. This technology mainly uses nano-layer technology to form a very thin and very strong protective layer on the surface of the color stainless steel plate, because it can avoid human fingers. The fingerprints below are also called color stainless steel plates without fingerprints. The fingerprint-free treatment process can be processed on colored stainless steel mirror panels, brushed plates, frosted plates, etched plates, etc. Rust feature.

The color stainless steel plate has strong moldability, which has changed the rigid defects of wooden material installation, and as a metal material, it also has more excellent combustion-supporting properties, mildew resistance, anti-corrosion, moisture resistance, green environmental protection, etc. Electroplating, the color layer on the surface is colorful and firm, especially the brushed or frosted board, which has better wear resistance than other surface texture states.

The surface pattern of the color stainless steel plate is three-dimensional and rich. Using advanced equipment and processing technology, the surface of the color stainless steel plate can be etched with concave and convex, clear texture and precise three-dimensional pattern. Combined with various colors, it is full of modern fashion trends. The artistic sense, active the atmosphere in the kitchen

Colored stainless steel changes the unsturdy feeling of wooden boards, and it is stronger than wooden materials and increases the sinking resistance of the product floor

Materials such as stone and wood are relatively easy to mold or weather when exposed to water in the kitchen for a long time, and other metal materials are not suitable for kitchen decoration with heavy moisture, so colored stainless steel metal is far more suitable for cabinets than other materials. Decoration, but this metal material is also of good or bad quality. Generally, 201 and 304 stainless steel plates are commonly used, but the 304 material plate will have a stronger ability to rust.

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