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Market Trend Analysis of Color Stainless Steel Sheet

by:Topson     2022-08-09

Stainless steel still maintains a certain growth rate in the entire ferrous metal field, and the consumption situation will be good in the future. From the perspective of trend interpretation, there are several things in the stainless steel industry that deserve our attention in the future. First, the curtain wall industry. At present, the proportion of stainless steel in the curtain wall industry is about 12%, which is relatively low. The proportion of stainless steel used in stainless steel curtain walls is expected to increase over the next three to five years.

The whole stainless steel home has opened a new 'blue ocean', bringing a new round of stainless steel color plate coating outbreak. The concept of stainless steel overall home has long been mentioned in the industry, but so far, the share of stainless steel overall home is only 2%, while in Japan it is as high as 80%. The consumption pattern of stainless steel abroad is introduced. At present, the share of many foreign consumption is much higher than that of China. As China's domestic market is very large, with the promotion of stainless steel overall furniture, the market share has also been greatly improved. As a result, colored stainless steel sheets have achieved tremendous success in this area and will bring some explosive growth.

The stainless steel plate industry is considered from two directions. Judging from the growth experience of color stainless steel plate enterprises, the color stainless steel plate itself is a relatively new product, and its growth is actually a history of innovation. From another point of view, the application of non-ferrous stainless steel in the cabinet industry has also become a big problem. For the table top, due to some shortcomings of the stainless steel table top, the surface is easily scratched by metal. How to overcome the wear resistance of the stainless steel surface has always been a pain point for customers, so the concept of anti-scratch version has been developed in the color version.

In fact, the entire stainless steel home furnishing industry still has a lot of room for development in the future. Stainless steel overall furniture has the advantages of environmental protection, moisture-proof, antibacterial, etc., and has innate selectivity. We conduct research from many aspects, whether it is environmental performance, performance, processing technology, or color style, it is far superior to some other materials we have seen so far. Based on these two considerations, we believe that the stainless steel color plate will maintain a long-term growth trend in the future development field.

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