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Maintenance of Color Stainless Steel Decorative Materials

by:Topson     2022-03-27

During transportation and storage, the principles of use of colored stainless steel decorative panels should be followed. Steel plates must be well packaged during transportation. Care must be taken when unpacking. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to move one steel plate unevenly to another steel plate. Generally, steel plates are stored vertically and horizontally on stable shelves. In order to avoid contact and friction between the steel plates, clean plywood should be placed between the steel plates as a partition.

During use, prevent oil pollution, reduce dust, sundries and vacuum suction cup machine printing (such as using vacuum suction cups). To prevent scratches and contamination during installation, the stainless steel surface should be protected with a protective film, which should be removed after installation. In order to avoid mutual interference between different types of work on the construction site, necessary protective measures should be taken on the surface of the stainless steel plate after installation. For example, the parts that are prone to collision should be protected by plywood. Otherwise, if bumped, it will collapse, leaving scars and hindering the appearance. In order to prevent the objects carried by the construction workers from colliding, maintenance railings can also be added to avoid access to parts with large crowds.

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, but not without corrosion. Therefore, stainless steel jewelry should not be exposed to salts and other rust-prone and corrosive substances to avoid corrosion and rust.

The surfaces of all stainless steel jewelry should be kept clean at all times, especially the parts that people often touch with their hands, and they should also be wiped frequently, otherwise it is easy to accumulate dust or local pollution. If the stainless steel building decoration material is well maintained, its surface will be dazzling. It not only ensures the decorative effect, but also enhances the durability, and achieves a satisfactory use effect.

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