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london\'s grenfell tower may have used banned exterior cladding in renovation

by:Topson     2020-07-13
The new outsourcing layer used in the London Grenfell Tower renovation project may have been banned by the United StatesK.
Two British ministers said on Sunday that police continued criminal investigations into hell that killed at least 58 people.
Trade Minister Greg Hanz said the government is conducting an \"emergency inspection\" of about 2,500 similar towers in the UK to assess their safety. An opposition MP urged the government to quickly obtain documents for the criminal investigation in the renovation project in Grenfell.
Late Sunday, the Metropolitan Police released 3 photos from inside Grenfell Tower detailing how the fire burned for 24 hours.
Story buildings that once housed up to 600 people in 120 apartments.
Experts believe that the new facade of the building contains thermal insulation that will help spread the flames quickly to the outside of the public housing tower early on Wednesday.
Some people say they have never seen a fire so soon.
In a separate television show, hanzi and finance minister Philip Hammond said that British regulations appeared to prohibit the use of such a cladding in glendfair.
Hands warned that officials do not yet have exact details about the renovation that just ended last year.
Read more: the Tower of London fire is called Hurricane Katrina moment in Theresa May \"My understanding is that the reported cladding does not meet the requirements of the United StatesK.
Building regulations, \"Hands told Sky News.
\"We need to find out exactly what coating is used and how it is connected.
\"The aluminum cladding sandwiched between the two panels has been accused of helping the flames spread in major fires in many parts of the world, including fires in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States.
Labor MP David Lamy has asked the government and the police to immediately confiscate all documents relating to the Grenfell renovation project in order to prevent the destruction of evidence that may show criminal conduct.
\"The prime minister needs to take immediate action to ensure that all evidence is protected in order to be responsible for what happened in Grenfell Tower and to feel the full force of the law, lammy said, this suggests that the contractor may destroy the evidence before the police look for it.
He said all the records.
Including email, minutes of meeting, communications with contractors, security assessment, specifications and reports-
Must remain complete.
\"When the truth of this tragedy comes out, we may find blood on the hands of some organizations,\" Lammy said . \".
He complained bitterly about a friend.
Young artist Hadiya Sayer
Three hours after the fire, she was still alive but could not get out of the apartment safely.
Police commander Stuart Cundy said the police would seek criminal prosecution if the evidence was conclusive.
He did not provide details of the investigation.
London Mayor Sadik Khan said Sunday after attending a church ceremony a few blocks from the Tower of London that the deadly fire was completely preventable.
He said the displaced residents \"are angry not only about the bad reaction after the Security Council and the government, but also about the neglect of the security council and successive governments over the years.
\"They felt they were ignored because they were poor,\" he said.
On Monday morning, British officials announced a minute of silence across the country for the victims.
In recent days, people have become increasingly frustrated because there is very little information about the missing in the fire, and hundreds of people have tried to find temporary housing --
The homeless Tower residents were shaken.
Shortly after the fire, British Prime Minister Theresa May was criticized for failing to meet with the victims. She said a public inquiry into the tragedy would be reported directly to her.
She also said that she received reports from affected areas every day.
In addition, the UK health authorities will provide long-term
For those who lost their loved ones in the tragedy to provide long-term funeral counseling.
Counselors have worked with 52 families.
British officials say they are helping the Syrian family of the first officially confirmed victims of the Tower of London fire --23-year-
Old Mohammed al-Ghali
Travel to America\"K.
In this very sad situation
His family said Alhajali \"came to the United States . \"K.
Because he has ambitions and goals for his life and his family.
Police and fire experts say the fire is fierce and the process of identifying remains will take weeks or even months --
Maybe we can never find some victims.
Police say at least 58 people have been confirmed or presumed dead, a figure that could rise in the coming days.
Officials are using dental records, fingerprints, DNA samples, tattoos and scars to try to identify the victim.
Sixteen bodies have been sent to the morgue for inspection.
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