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Learn the Basic Types of Steel Roofing Sheets

by:Topson     2020-06-11
Steel roof panels are sold by manufacturers and suppliers in various types of materials such as corrugated steel, terne coated stainless steel, aluminum coated, copper, aluminum-Different types of combinations of zinc, galvalume or galvanized steel, aluminum, etc.Usually they have different sizes, shapes and meters.There are coated steel plates to choose from.50-Length 12 M, thickness.40mm to.Effective width of 7mm and 1000mm.This material has been in existence for nearly 200.It is very popular in the construction industry because it has excellent resistanceCorrosion and excellent thermal properties.Coated steel plates also have fire resistance and enjoy a high rating as a building material with tight weather.Its use is very extensive and flexible, and it can form countless architectural decorations of structure and aesthetics.Coated steel plate can be a combination of aluminumZinc Alloy, etc.Corrugated steel roof panels have been in demand for years.They have many different colors and finishes.The paper can get the length from 0.5 m to 10 m for various roof works.Over the years, stainless steel roof panels (double vertical seams) have produced high-quality, technically proven roof products for the construction industry.These thin and thin materials have excellent resistanceCorrosion, visual appeal and high mechanical properties make them very much needed by architects, owners and developers.The polyester coated aluminum panel has a precision rolling coating system using infrared heating technology.It uses polymer as a monomer and acrylic resin with four-roller coating line and thickness.The coating has the ability to resist ultraviolet (UV) and bad weather.Its gloss can be divided into matte and glossy, with glossy and smooth paint surfaces.Look at some of its technical specifications for galvanized color coated plates.Its base metal is a high strength steel with a coating quality of 120 GSM.The coating STD is 277/JIS 3302 and the yield strength is 240 Mpa.Its thickness and tolerance are 0.55mm &.6mm and + 0.03 according to: 513 respectively.Another special type of steel roof panel is a curved steel plate that brings a new and innovative look and design.The combination of curves and contour shapes and angles produces many types of building products.The advantage of this steel roof plate is that there are fewer cladding materials required to cover the curve, less frame support required for the roof, and many flashes and covers are eliminated.The end result is a lot of construction cost savings.When it comes to galvanized steel plates, they have been in great demand in the past century.It is now the base material for polyester and plastic roof coated plates.Galvanized steel sheet is proud of its high quality plasma steel sheet, which is very strong.Plastisol is a primer coating in which PVC is involved to extend its life to about 30 years.It also has anti-fading and anti-scratch performance and has a high fire resistance grade.How about Galvalume steel plate?This steel is 55% aluminum.Zinc coated steel plate suitable for roof engineering.This galvalume steel roof slab has been approved by many architects, construction owners and developers/contractors because of its versatility, long-term performance, beauty and ease of installation.There are many other variable types and designs for roof products made from the above steel roof panels.With this basic information, you will gain some important knowledge that you can use when you are involved in any domestic, commercial or industrial roof design and installation.
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