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Learn more about the five major processing methods of stainless steel checkered plate

by:Topson     2022-11-03
Let's take a detailed look at the five major processing methods of stainless steel checkered plates. Whether it is to engrave patterns on relatively soft objects or on relatively hard objects, it is very difficult:

1. Sandblasting method. Use compressed air to spray high-speed emery on the surface of the workpiece blocked by the pattern template to form a sand surface pattern. The surface produced by the sandblasting method is relatively rough, and it is not easy to spray the pattern of thin strips, and the depth is generally not more than 0.08mm.

2. Embossing method. The pattern is obtained by applying pressure with a character mold, a die or a round roller to force the plastic deformation of the local material. Pressure processing includes stamping method, static pressing method or rolling method. There is internal stress after embossing, and its stress and deformation decrease according to the above methods. The embossing depth can generally reach 0.05~0.20mm, which becomes a stress mark. The stainless steel checker plate is processed by this process.

3. Hand engraving method. The diamond blade is used to engrave various patterns, the pattern precision is poor, the labor intensity is high, and the work efficiency is low. Hand-engraving is suitable for concave-convex surface decoration that does not require high precision.

4. Mechanical milling method. Use mechanical equipment, such as engraving machines, profiling machines, to operate rotating tools for milling. This method can only be engraved on a flat steel plate, and it is easy to perform deep milling and engraving. This is how the stainless steel hollow plate is processed.

5. Electrochemical corrosion processing. Using an auxiliary electrode in a suitable electrochemical etching solution, the workpiece surface covered with the pattern pattern resist film is etched to obtain an etched pattern pattern. The etching speed is faster and the pattern formed is deeper, which requires the use of special instruments and equipment.

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