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Learn about stainless steel sandblasting and blasting

by:Topson     2022-04-28

Stainless steel decorative color plate processing technology, through their wire drawing machine, with high hardness and elasticity wheel brush, abrasive belt, stainless steel brush uniform and neat straight lines, not only beautiful, but also have a certain matting effect, making the stainless steel form sub Smooth surface, sandblasted stainless steel in a special sandblasting machine, using compressed air to spray fine sand particles on the surface of the stainless steel to form a very uniform, finely matte surface matte, if you look closely, the brushed stainless steel surface is Many are parallel to each other, and the surface of sandblasted stainless steel has many irregular pits. These two different processing methods are not related to the quality of stainless steel materials.

Whether to choose wire drawing or sandblasting depends on the user's preference, that is to say, there are those who like wire drawing and those who like sandblasting, but in my opinion, wire drawing cleaning Easier and easier to maintain the original brushed appearance for long-term use. Sandblasting is not easy to clean, and long-term wiping of the surface will cause chromatic aberration. Now sandblast the stainless steel and do a fingerprint-free treatment to avoid this

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