leaky-wave radiations by modulating surface impedance on subwavelength corrugated metal structures-T

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leaky-wave radiations by modulating surface impedance on subwavelength corrugated metal structures

by:Topson     2020-08-08
One-dimensional (1D)
The subwavelength corrugated metal structure supporting surface plasma excitation element is described (SPPs).
Here, we demonstrate that the periodically modulated 1D subwavelength corrugated metal structure can convert SPPs into propagation waves.
The structure is fed in the center through a slit with a connecting waveguide on the input side.
The subwavelength corrugated metal structure of the output surface is treated as a supersurface and periodically modulated to achieve leakage
Wave radiation at wide edges.
Modulation of surface impedance of corrugated metal structures by sine function and triangle
The wave function reaches the radiation effect respectively.
In order to verify the proposed design, full-wave simulation and measurement results are given.
The line axis SPPs traveling on the subwavelength corrugated metal structure are TM surface waves, so we can calculate the surface impedance of corrugated conductors at different depths from the dispersion diagram.
By simulating the depth of = 22 ~ The unit of the corrugated conductor of the u2009 2.
Using the feature pattern solver in the commercial software CST microwave studio, we can get the dispersion diagram of different unit units as shown.
Then, the range of surface impedance ()
In all unit units at 17 ghz, the parameter u2009 = 30308 is determined. 552, u2009=u2009110. 38, u2009=u20091.
Equation 292 (1).
At the same time, the data at 17 ghz is in line with the function curve of u2009 = 7-7.
u2009 0 634 u2009 × u2009 10 u2009 × u2009 | will . . . . . . . u2009 0 008753 u2009 × u2009 | will . . . . . . .
569444 as shown, the depth distribution of subwavelength corrugated metal structures can be designed by combining equations (1).
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