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Is there a difference between the wire drawing process and the frosting process in stainless steel processing?

by:Topson     2022-12-15
In the stainless steel processing industry, there are often many friends who are not very clear about the brushed surface of stainless steel, so that they have to send samples to confirm the surface after ordering. Next, the author will talk about the difference between the brushed surface of stainless steel and the brushed surface of stainless steel plate. It is a kind of frosted surface. The frosted surface basically has three surfaces: SB, HL (drawing), and NO.4 (snowflake). On the surface, wire drawing is also called straight grained sand, also called long wire drawing. The sand grain is clear and has been connected to a relatively long distance. In our industry terminology, it is called ordinary yarn, and snowflake sand is a relatively short sand grain. It is called broken-grained sand. The sand grains are fine and the lines are not connected to the end. SB sand can not be done by many sanding factories, and the appearance is difficult to distinguish.
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