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Is the stainless steel wood grain board high strength?

by:Topson     2022-09-18

The flexural strength of stainless steel wood grain board is up to 322 kg/cm2 (vertical), 216 kgf/cm2 (horizontal), flexural strength: 87 kgf (vertical), 58 kgf (horizontal), and adopts the characteristics of stainless steel wood grain board, The wall thickness can be greatly reduced, and it also ensures the sound insulation and fire performance of the wall. Easy to handle and construct with textured design. The weight of the stainless steel wood grain board is also a very important factor. Its weight is only 1/16 of the brick wall of the same thickness and 2/11 of the block wall, which is beneficial to the structure's earthquake resistance and can effectively reduce the cost of the foundation and the main structure. The thermal conductivity of wood grain board is 0.17w/(M.K), which is basically the same as that of gypsum board. Compared with 1W (M.K) lime-sand bricks, wood grain boards have the advantage of heat preservation.

Stainless steel wood grain board has a high degree of fatigue, and the number of times is generally not considered. Therefore, the general carbon steel expansion joint is designed for 3000 to 5000 fatigue cycles, and the stainless steel wood grain board is not considered. In addition, the stainless steel wood grain board has no elastic-plastic change boundary, so its tensile strength Z is initially designed from the amount of deformation produced by 0.2%.

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