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Is the colored stainless steel plate corroded by cement?

by:Topson     2022-08-09

The colored stainless steel plate is corroded by cement. When we install with colored stainless steel, we will encounter various problems, such as welding, heterosexual installation, glue occupancy on the stainless steel surface, cement erosion on the surface, etc. In short, we will encounter all kinds of difficulties!

But when we have a problem, don't be nervous. We must treat them the right way! When a confidant doesn't know what to do, you can ask the businessman. Generally, they will be more experienced and tell you how to deal with these issues? But remember not to blindly use improper methods, because this will lead to more serious damage to the stainless steel surface, not only the problem cannot be solved, but also bring greater losses to yourself! Now, let's talk about how to treat the surface of the colored stainless steel plate if it is corroded by cement!

First, let's understand: Stainless steel cannot be mixed with acids, alkalis, salts and cement! The concrete is still eroding together! But when these problems occur, how should we deal with them? Rinse with water. . After wetting. You can take it off slowly. . Never use a shovel. After rinsing with water, apply special oil on stainless steel, heat the cement sand with a hair dryer, and then spray water with ice immediately.

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