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Introduction to Surface Processing of Color Stainless Steel Plate

by:Topson     2022-08-01
Color stainless steel plate surface processing Stainless steel plate is more and more widely used in the decoration industry. The surface of the stainless steel plate not only has the unique luster and strength of the metal, but also has a colorful and long-lasting color. The color stainless steel plate not only maintains the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the primary color stainless steel, but also has stronger corrosion resistance than the primary color stainless steel. Let's talk about the introduction of color stainless steel surface processing

When the stainless steel comes out of the steel mill, it is a whole roll, and the surface is white and gray, which we call the 2B surface; there is also a BA surface, and the brightness of this surface is generally called 6K. Therefore, we see that stainless steel sheets of various colors, patterns and shapes are processed in the later stage. Let's take a look at the basic process composition of post-processing

1. Drawing, snowflake sand, ordinary sand

The stainless steel on these three surfaces is mainly called different because of the different sand patterns on the surface. The brushed sand grain is thick and long, the ordinary sand is the second, and the sand grain of the snowflake sand is the smallest and the finer. Of course their processing machines are also different. But at present, there are also manufacturers who need to make mixed sand on the surface, for example, grind ordinary sand first, and then do wire drawing. Stainless steel coils can also do this processing.

2. Mirror (also known as 8K)

The mirror surface means that the stainless steel plate is polished by a machine into a mirror, which is bright and shining. Stainless steel coils can also be mirror-finished.

Three, chaotic

Also known as and pattern. The surface of this processed stainless steel plate will show a circle of sand patterns from a distance, while it is an irregular chaotic pattern from a close distance.

4. Sandblasting

Sandblasting means that the surface of the stainless steel plate presents a fine bead-like sand surface. But stainless steel sandblasting is divided into matte sandblasting and bright sandblasting. Matte means that the plate is sandblasted when it is still on the 2B surface, and bright is after the mirror surface is polished. This kind of processing is theoretically possible with stainless steel coils, but there is currently no such production machine.

5. Embossing

It is also called embossing, but in the real sense, embossing and embossing are two different things. Embossed stainless steel is a stainless steel plate with small diamonds, cubes, squares, and panda patterns on the surface that we see. But when we do processing, we can only do it with coils, and we cannot do this kind of processing with a sheet of 4*8 feet. After embossing, go to the flat plate, and then we can see the patterned stainless steel plate. Embossed stainless steel has a touch on the front, but not on the back, just leaving traces on the front. While embossing stainless steel, it can be carried out on the stainless steel surface. For example, some stainless steel doors we have seen have the words 'smooth sailing' written on them, or some blessing characters for the secret person who cannot be said, or some kind of shape that is raised high. This sheet has a strong feel on the front and back.

6. Titanium plating

At present, the color stainless steel that many people say is actually a plate with a certain color on the surface after titanium plating, such as gold, rose gold, and sapphire blue lights. The machine needed for titanium plating is called titanium furnace, also called PVD vacuum coating machine. When making the color, the 5 kinds of pre-processed plates mentioned above can be colored, but after the pattern of the embossed stainless steel comes out, it needs to be polished to a 6-8K effect with an 8K machine before the color can be applied. The embossed stainless steel can be embossed first, or the color can be done first, but in order to reduce the cost, the color is usually done first and then the embossing is done. Another point that needs to be mentioned in titanium plating is to make black, which can be done with a titanium gold furnace, but at present, the most common method is to plate black titanium with water, prepare the potion according to a certain proportion, and then put the plate in the potion pool. , Through electrolysis, the stainless steel surface appears black. Generally speaking, the effect of water plating black titanium is better than that of vacuum plating. Therefore, many people refer to the plates made of rose gold as rose gold stainless steel, or titanium plates.

7. Etching

Etching is to use chemicals on the surface of stainless steel to make it appear uneven, or some text and patterns. Generally, the etched plates have undergone pre-processing. You can do color first and then etch, or you can etch first and then do color. Sometimes the effect of etching may be similar to that of embossing, but there are actually more etched patterns, and there is no trace of the front pattern on the back of the etched plate.

Eight, back titanium

Some people also call the board after the titanium back is called colored stainless steel. Titanium retreat, as the name implies, is first plated with titanium gold on the plate, and then recedes the color at a specified part to achieve a specific pattern and shape.

Nine, laser

This process is currently used in many ways. However, the specific processing manufacturers are currently kept secret.

10. No fingerprints

It is to attach a layer of oil to the surface of the stainless steel plate, and after drying, it can achieve the effect of anti-fingerprint and anti-oxidation.

Eleven, color stainless steel

The color stainless steel in the stainless steel industry refers to: making a pattern on the surface of the stainless steel that has been basically treated. Unlike titanium, etched, embossed. The pattern can be completely determined by the customer. For example, customers can choose to do Qingming Shanghe Tu, or a color that titanium can't do. The plate made of this process has the same surface as over-plastic, and the color pattern is also durable.

12. Copper plating

Copper plated stainless steel surface. Some customers say that all they need is the color of copper, so they choose to do titanium plated bronze. There are also many customers who require that the plate be made old and antique, then it needs to be water-plated bronze and water-plated red copper. When doing water copper plating, the surface does not need to be treated, because even if it is treated, it will be covered by copper elements. After the copper plating, the black wire is applied, and there is no fingerprint after Z. Slitting the surface of this plate is not the true color of stainless steel, but the color of copper. At present, only 4-6 factories in Foshan can actually do water copper plating in the country.

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