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Introduction to Color Stainless Steel

by:Topson     2022-04-23

In many applications of colored stainless steel, surface finish and surface smoothness are not only critical for defining functional characteristics such as corrosion resistance, strength and environmental hygiene, but also for exterior and aesthetic qualities. Although almost all stainless steels can be surface treated to give their surfaces different colors, some types of stainless steels are converted into a large number of colors. The surface of austenitic stainless steel, especially 304 and 316, can be converted into most of the colors of the seven-color rainbow. However, the color of duplex stainless steel and ferritic stainless steel surface is relatively limited: for example, the color obtained by the electrochemical solution of ferritic steel grades is only gray-black.

I. Electrochemical machining process

The common way of coloring stainless steel is electrochemical machining process, also known as electrochemical coloring process. This process, also known as the INCO method, was developed and designed by the International Nickel Corporation (INCO) in 1972. There are many coloring processing techniques selected at this stage. Generally, stainless steel is infiltrated into hot chromic sulfuric acid solution or hot alkaline solution. The stainless steel is then cleaned and the surface is hardened with a negative electrode solution. The thickness of the air oxide layer can be manipulated according to the adjustment of the infiltration time, so as to clarify the color after Z.

Thick steel plates are generally electro-chemically colored. The advantage is that no dyes or colorants are used for coloring, the color speed is limited and the UV light cannot penetrate, in other words, the color does not fade under the sun. The defect is that the color changes when scratched and etched and cannot be repaired.

Second, physical liquid deposition (PVD)

In physical liquid deposition (PVD), the color change is caused by releasing a layer of porcelain on the surface of stainless steel, Enhanced durability properties. A variety of vacuum pump deposition processes can be applied to deposit subfilms. The coating raw material is placed in a vacuum pump and heated to a high temperature. When the vaporization method is achieved, it solidifies again, and then deposits on the specified surface. The technique was first applied by Michael Faraday in 1838, but it was not until 1966 that the technique was called physical liquid deposition. At this stage, various physical liquid deposition methods have been developed and designed. SteelColorSpa in Spain has developed a new solution to apply titanium chemistry.

Third, the main use

The application scope of colorful stainless steel is the construction industry, including building walls, roof panels, poles, signs and display information control panels. It also contains interior decoration design decoration and furniture that are inseparably related to engineering construction.

Because of the colorful stainless steel, some famous ancient buildings have been built in recent years. US-based Rimex Metals has provided a hotel in New York's Docklands with back-gloss stainless steel siding and rainbow-colored roof tiles ranging from emerald green to blue-violet. The enterprise also produced bronze mirrored glass wall control panels for the University of Leeds Archives Building. The exterior brickwork of the Beacon Center at Blackburn College is a mild, bluish grey. Blackpool's TowerofLovePavilion chose a golden mirror glass wall control panel.

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