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Introduction of stainless steel honeycomb panel cabinet

by:Topson     2022-09-07

Stainless steel honeycomb panel cabinets evolved from stainless steel kitchenware in hotel canteens. The concept and formation of domestic stainless steel cabinets is slightly later than that of wooden cabinets. It probably formed in the late 1990s and became popular to a certain extent. Stainless steel cabinets have a strong postmodern character.

Advantages of stainless steel honeycomb panel cabinets:

1. The cabinet and the countertop of the stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturer's stainless steel cabinet are integrated, and there will be no cracks.

2. Because stainless steel is not synthesized with epoxy resin and has no radiation from natural granite, it is environmentally friendly and does not require any testing and worrying.

3. The integration of basin, backsplash and countertop will make the whole cabinet feel very good. Because there are no gaps, bacteria cannot grow.

4. Firefighting facilities are not afraid of heat and are not as fragile as wooden cabinets and marble countertops.

5. Good impermeability. While cooking, you accidentally sprinkle various oils, salt, soy sauce and vinegar on top. You don't have to worry about penetration. Just rub it lightly.

6. Stainless steel has good impact resistance and strong hardness. If one day the frying pan is not held and dropped on the table, there will be no damage.

7. Good cleaning, just scrub with a damp rag and detergent, the stainless steel table will be as bright as new.

8. Never change the color, the countertops of many other products will change color and become old after a long time, the advantage of stainless steel is always new. When other wooden cabinets need to be replaced, it will cause secondary pollution, while stainless steel cabinets can be avoided and have recycling value.

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