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Installation method and advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel etching plate

by:Topson     2022-09-09

1. Installation method and advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel etching plate

1. Installation of keel: For the installation of the base keel, the installation process can refer to the construction process of wooden keel or light steel keel, and repeatedly check the verticality and flatness;

2. Fixed bottom plate: The bottom plate is generally 5-12mm thick plywood, the construction method and requirements are the same as ordinary wood cover panel construction, but when the keel is light steel keel or angle steel keel, the first time the keel drilling uses an electric drill and is fixed with self-tapping screws The bottom plate on the keel, and the screw head cannot be higher than the bottom plate surface;

3. Fixed panel: The colored stainless steel plate is made into a finished product according to the design size and shape requirements before installation. When there is a bottom plate, apply universal glue to the bottom plate and the back of the stainless steel, and gently paste the prepared stainless steel plate on the bottom plate; when there is no bottom plate, fix the pretreated stainless steel plate on the light steel keel with stainless steel screws on or directly welded on the keel;

4. Edge sealing: Edge sealing treatment, using methods such as filling sealant and pressing stainless steel grooves on the stainless steel interface or inside and outside corners for decorative treatment.

5. Wipe the colored stainless steel surface with a soft dry cloth and remove the protective film.

Decorative features of stainless steel etched plate

Modern people's pursuit of life and the requirements for interior wall decoration are also constantly improving, so the style of wall decoration materials is also constantly developing, and there are more and more materials that can be used as wall decoration, such as paint and wallpaper. , Color stainless steel etching plate and so on.

Different materials have different properties, so the decorative effects and precautions are also very different. Such as wallpaper, the problem is that it is moldy. The occurrence of mildew is that there is too much moisture in the air that normally stays for a long time, resulting in moldy wallpaper. Especially in the two spaces of the kitchen and bathroom, the bedroom is an easy way to make the wallpaper of the mold, so you might as well use the colored stainless steel pattern etched plate instead of the wallpaper to decorate the wall, through a variety of pattern designs and colors, and it is difficult to be changed by other factors. Performance, the fly in the ointment is that ointment is more expensive than wallpaper, but still has value in the long run.

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