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industry pros share top outdoor kitchen and living room trends

by:Topson     2020-08-23
In the latest survey by the American Association of Architects, outdoor kitchens are among the best in the list of project trends, which is not surprising considering people\'s love for outdoor life.
But the investigation did not elaborate on what the homeowner put in these spaces.
As we enter the warmer months, the popularity of the outdoor kitchen and its associated living areas is worth seeing.
\"Homeowners are looking for shelter for outdoor living spaces-whether it\'s entertainment or leisure,\" shares in Atlanta
Designer David Bennett.
These spaces may have sheds, walls, custom fireplaces, hedges and architectural structures of different heights to create privacy and unique rooms with natural indoor environment
Outdoor mobility, he noted.
\"Separate living spaces encourage conversation gathering, including screening areas for watching large games or movies, and heating and cooling systems that ensure safety throughout the year --round use.
\"These outdoor rooms can also be equipped with water, light and fire-fighting design features, as well as heating and cooling systems throughout the year
Recycling, he said.
\"In the past, many homeowners focused only on the grill, and perhaps some outdoor seating,\" recalls Mary Hanna Foor, senior marketing manager at the kitchen and lighting gallery Alex bass.
\"Today, many homeowners are accompanied by a grill with a fully functional building --
The kitchen is equipped with a sink and faucet, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, an ice maker, beverage equipment, a pizza oven, a weather-resistant cabinet, etc.
\"Smart appliances have become very popular, and it\'s not surprising that smart technology has become a trend for outdoor kitchens,\" she commented . \".
\"There are a lot of grills and smokers now.
\"Some people even have voice recognition enabled,\" she added . \".
Even with the extras, the grill is still the king of the outdoor kitchen.
\"Stainless steel is no longer the only option,\" Fout declared . \".
\"Bright red, sunny yellow, royal blue, hunter green and so on all have grills!
The ability to customize the outdoor space enables homeowners to complement the surrounding landscape and landscape, or extend the home decoration to the outside.
\"Style coordination is the same for the floor, which can extend seamlessly from the inside to the outside, coordinating cabinets and wallswidth, track-
The free door allows the room to open completely to each other.
Landscape designer, contractor and designer Joe Raboine commented: \"Just as the design trend of the interior kitchen and bathroom has shifted to a more stylish and modular aesthetic, so has outdoor design . \" Now, director of residential hard landscape for outdoor product manufacturer Belgard.
\"To reflect the appearance of the interior of the home, the homeowner chose longer, linear outdoor decking and used more textures and colors than in the past.
This trend has surpassed the modern home, which is reflected in every style of home.
\"People are becoming more aware of the importance of a connection between man and nature,\" observed Raboine . \".
\"That\'s why you see the integration of vertical gardening and container gardens adjacent to the outdoor cooking area.
There is also a greater awareness of how outdoor space enhances habitat, especially through permeable paving materials and plant selection, which helps with drainage, etc.
\"Kathy oyaji, president of the Los Angeles area --
Landscaping based on FormLA.
I also acknowledge the connection of nature, especially in cooking.
\"What we are seeing now is that more and more people are trying to incorporate food into the garden, especially in areas close to the outdoor kitchen,\" she shared . \".
\"This takes the form of a vine fence and a elevated bed, where it takes only a step or two to grab herbs for the table.
Natural elements of the outdoor living area may hide speakers and wires, as well as irrigation and safety related to smart home controls.
According to CEDIA, home tech professionals, homeowners and their association of consultants are undertaking much more projects than in the past few years and spending more money outdoors.
Outdoor TV is a major category.
The same is true for outdoor speakers.
Although the trend of outdoor kitchen and living area is strong and rich, there are more enhancements than ever before, there are still many homeowners who may drag a comfortable chair and portable grill on the porch or deck.
It\'s all about enjoying outdoor life and raising money for the simplest pleasures of life, but not necessarily needed.
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