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Increase the brightness of stainless steel checkered plate by mirror polishing

by:Topson     2022-11-02

There are many surface treatment processes for stainless steel decorative panels. The longest ones are mirror-free fingerprints, mirror wire drawing, mirror sandblasting, stainless steel etched plates, stainless steel elevator decorative panels and other process effects. In terms of color, bronze is the most widely used. The brushed surface and mirror surface have no fingerprints. I believe many people know that, so let's talk about the process of sandblasting the surface of stainless steel:

Sandblasting on the surface of stainless steel refers to the use of machinery to impact pearl pellets of different thicknesses on the surface at high speed, so that the surface of the stainless steel plate presents a sand grain effect and beautifies the surface. The thickness of sandblasting can be achieved by selecting pearl pellets of different thicknesses. Like stainless steel checkered plate before sandblasting, by mirror polishing, the brightness of sandblasted stainless steel checkered plate can be increased.

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