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In Sheet Metal, From Apprentice To Company Owner

by:Topson     2020-08-10
Joseph Massaro\'s description of himself is 1998 lucky.
\"I have always been lucky . \"
In discussing his career from apprenticeship to Elmsford sheet metal factory owner, Masaro said that Elmsford sheet metal factory is the largest private sheet metal company in six counties in northern New York City.
Elmsford sheet metal factory has been engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of air-air for more than 50 years
Air conditioning and heating pipes for commercial buildings.
In 1947, my uncle Vincent gevas started the company at Elmsford\'s home. Massaro said.
\"I started in 1964, six months after graduating from high school.
My first job was at my father\'s service station in Elmsford, where I was a mechanic.
I am not crazy about this, and even though my uncle has been following me and getting me into his business, I have been refusing out of loyalty to my father.
Finally, with the encouragement of my father, I accepted it.
I was hired as a truck driver.
Six months later, Sir.
Masaro\'s uncle asked him to join the apprenticeship program, paired with the most experienced people in each department.
\"I learned from the best\"
Masaro recalled.
\"This is very helpful to me.
I started doing business right away.
Sheet Metal Works are the most creative works in the construction industry.
I feel like I want to improve my craft, so I started my drafting course at Westchester Community College.
My interest in mechanical painting began in high school, where I was lucky to have a teacher who told me that I had a talent for this and encouraged me.
When I was 20 years old, I was promoted to the drafting department.
\"Advertising married a 21-year-old high school classmate and bought his first home in Mahopac eight months later, which did not make him promoted to vice president of the company in 1974 and
\"When my uncle asked me to be a partner, I was not with the National Guard,\" he said . \".
\"I\'m concerned, frankly, that I\'m not at all sure I can measure it.
I am only 24 years old and I have no experience at all in terms of management.
Many people are dissatisfied with this.
People who have existed for many years.
Acceptance is slow but gradual.
\"It\'s hard to win respect . \"
Masaro recalled.
\"Especially from the allegations of private fraud by fav.
My uncle has three daughters but no son so I have to admit that I am favored. And I felt it.
This made me determined to prove myself. \'\'So he did.
Annual sales were $1974 that year. 5 million.
Sales rose 1997 to $20 million. Because Mr.
Masaro, who has too little experience running a company, said he was forced to find a way to run it better.
\"I quickly realized that we need a more effective way to track bids, wages and work costs,\" he said . \".
\"So, we bought a computer and used it in less than two days a week to prepare the payroll.
It seems like a waste to me, so I used the downtime to teach myself how to use the computer.
\"In the end, he developed a program to make labels for every piece of pipe work produced by the factory.
\"This makes it easier to track orders,\" he said . \".
\"Then I go further by placing instructions and information on each order.
\'\'Label and ticket plan with color work details-
The coded labels attached to each piece of prefabricated sheet metal not only reduce time and cost, but also triple the productivity of previous manual systems, but also lead to the establishment of another businessMassaro said.
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\"Visitors to our store and industry people from all over the country like our label program so much that in 1976 we made room at a trade show to market the program to others, he said.
\"I was surprised that 350 people signed up for more information.
I don\'t know anything about marketing, but after our first sale ---
The price, including computers, is $14,000. -
I set up a sales department to promote the project. \'\'Mr.
Masaro began to improve the project.
At 1982, he introduced a computer system.
Computer-aided design
As an auxiliary manufacturing for sheet metal precision cutting sold by the manufacturer\'s system.
He said the ad \"the old manual layout and cutting method is to net 35 accessories per person per day, while the computer label system produces 100 accessories per person per day . \".
Tie it to the computer. assisted-
Manufacturing systems result in an increase of 500 accessories per person per day. At least half.
More than a dozen companies are selling the same products, he said.
\"But we have 80% of the market,\" he added . \"\'\'Why?
Because we came earlier, we have an advantage, because we have an industry background.
Our computer systems are now in the fourth generation, offering companies in the sheet metal industry software designed by sheet metal manufacturers with more features than other available systems.
\"Marketing for Mr.
Masaro\'s computer
The auxiliary design project is carried out by Quickpen International in Denver.
\"Overall, the system can reduce the cost of work by 10 to 15%,\" he said . \" He added that he now has six programmers working at sister company East Coast sheet metal manufacturing, a company that produces software in Houston
Elmsford and East Coast are now 25,000. square-
Peekskill\'s foot building, where the sheet metal company produces a fire-proof contract from $100 sheet metal cut to $12 million, the stainless steel walls and ovens of the former GM paint shop.
We have 250 people working . \"Massaro said.
\"This is our biggest contract in a year.
He said the company has installed equipment for hospitals, bacteria in different countries
Free cleaning room, sewage discharge-
The factories of the processing plant and Fortune 500 companies, including the general food headquarters building in Rye Brook and the international commercial machinery factory in the county.
Peekskill\'s wages may fluctuate between 100 and 300 employees.
\"One of our most unusual jobs is to serve the Army Corps while doing core drilling research on an ice cap in Greenland, and our job is to make pipes and pull cold air down the holes, keep it open to prevent it from freezing.
After many poor peopleto-
Affected by the downturn in the real estate market, these years are very mediocre.
Masaro said he believes the sheet metal industry is on the verge of prosperity.
He said: \"I am worried about the shortage of people . \"
\"We need an improved trading school system.
The union is not the same as 30 years ago.
The union and management, as a team, tell the public what sheet metal work is.
The union provided good opportunities, good training and good benefits.
The sheet metal worker apprentice is $10 per hour, plus a $5 benefit.
After four years, the salary has increased to $42 an hour, which is an interesting job for those who like to work by hand, creative and challenging.
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A version of this article was printed on page WC14 of the National edition on March 29, 1998, with the title: Sheet metal from apprentices to company owners.
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