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In order to meet market demand, stainless steel processing technology is various

by:Topson     2022-10-18

In order to meet the current market demand, stainless steel processing technology is various, such as copper plating, titanium plating, old, random pattern and so on. The blackening process of stainless steel materials is also one of them. The steel blackening agent uses the residual heat of the workpiece to be blackened, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, replacing the traditional alkaline blackening. It is widely used in the blackening of various steel parts such as standard parts, fasteners, screws, nuts, chains, springs, auto parts, construction machinery parts, etc. What are the advantages of this process?

Stainless steel material blackening process advantages

1. Water-soluble emulsion, environmentally friendly and safe;

2. Matching production with heat treatment mesh belt furnace, high efficiency and energy saving;

3. Perform the treatment process to form a continuous operation, so that the tempering and blackening are completed at one time;

4. After blackening, the workpiece has luster, corrosion resistance and strong rust resistance;

5. Reduce labor intensity and improve production environment;

6. Save energy, reduce costs and improve productivity;

7. No pickling before blackening, no washing after blackening, and no three wastes discharge;

8. The workpiece has no hydrogen embrittlement pinholes and burrs after blackening;

9. Completely replace the traditional alkaline blackening and eliminate pollution;

10. Blackening agent greatly reduces the processing cost of parts.

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